Wooden Windows in Kolkata

Windows are designed elements that you cannot ignore in a construction. This is because it performs both the functional role as well as the role of beautifying a building. If you were to consider the functional role, it includes a lot of things like letting in fresh air and light from the outside, helping you to enjoy the scenic beauty while being under a shelter, to be aware of what is going on outside, to prevent direct view of what is  going on inside the house from outside etc. As far as beauty is concerned, there is no doubt that the windows and especially wooden windows do have a role in enhancing the appearance of the building. You would be able to appreciate it better, if you for a minute close your eyes and imagine a building without windows and how it would look from the outside.

Wooden windows- why are they special?

A wooden window is special for various reasons like durability, better insulation it offers when compared to other materials like fiber, vinyl or steel that are considered favorably for windows, ease in maintenance etc. but one of the most important factors for the preference of wooden windows in kolkata is the increase in property value. The house with wooden windows seems to enjoy better property value than the other materials. It can be attributed to the classy look that the wooden windows exude. They define the style and character of the building. The white wooden windows are a symbol of timeless beauty and aesthetic appeal of a house.

Types of wooden windows

There are different types of wooden windows each with distinct features and a set of pros and cons associated with it, which would determine what type of wooden house window design would be suitable for a particular area in the house. For example, large wooden windows such as the picture window or French window would be ideal only for living room or dining room which would help you to view the scenic beauty from the outside. Similarly, the wooden louvered windows are ideal for use in the kitchen or places where you would like to adjust the light coming in from outside depending on the time of the day. Therefore, it is important to choose wooden windows design for a house based on the purpose, function and attractive looks.

Buying wooden windows

It is now easy to access ready-made wooden windows or get fitting wooden windows that are customized for spaces that are smaller or larger than the standard sizes. However, when you buy wooden windows, buy all the windows that are required for the house at the same time. This is to maintain the quality and appearance of the wooden window. You can buy wooden windows online. This helps you to access the doors and windows produced by the leading manufacturers of wooden windows and doors and their styles and designs as well as compare the cost of wooden windows and choose the best among them. 

Wooden Windows Kolkata Price List

Types of Wooden Windows Price
Solid Wood Window Rs 395/ Square Feet
Neem Wood Window Rs 90/ Square Feet
Brown Hinged Wooden Windows Rs 180/ Square Feet
Stylish Wooden Windows Rs 340/ Square Feet
Teak Wood Designer Wooden Window Rs 490/ Square Feet
White Wooden Window Rs 645/ Square Feet
Brown Wooden Casement Window Rs 210/ Square Feet