Wooden Windows in Secunderabad

In the past, there was no choice of materials as far as the doors and windows were concerned. In modern times however due to aspects such as shortage of laborers with skill and knowledge to work with wood and the cost of wood led to the development of other materials that could be quickly installed and perfect in performing the functions that are meant to be performed by the windows perfectly like aluminum and vinyl frames evolved. But, the fact is that the wooden windows are still preferred over the other materials.


There is a preference for wooden windows in secunderabad and all other places for use in buildings because it is a style that would never go out of vogue. The wooden windows are indeed considered as a style statement and they score high on the aesthetic appeal point of view increasing the value of the building.  It is with this demand in mind that the modern manufacturers of wooden windows employ 3D designing technology and modern manufacturing technologies to produce ready-made wooden windows. This has opened up the scope to access high quality, yet, cheap wooden windows.

Wooden Windows- Advantages

The Wooden windows offer a number of advantages. it includes

Durability- The wooden windows, irrespective of whether they are large wooden windows that are meant to let in enough sunlight and views of the exteriors such as the wooden French windows or a normal sized window, the durability is guaranteed owing to the nature of the wooden windows. Wood does not contract or expand even when there is extreme fluctuations in the climate. This means it would no develop any gaps between the glass and the frame. This prevents seepage of water and ensures the durability.

Insulation properties- Wooden windows are considered to be better than steel and vinyl as far as insulation properties are concerned making it ideal for use in all temperatures.

Cost- The cost was previously considered as a deterrent for buying wooden windows. but, with the use of technology, the cost of wooden windows have come down considerably making them a cost-effective option as well when you consider the durability and the other properties.

The design- As far as designs are concerned wood is one of the materials that are amenable to a number of options including engraving and carving.  Therefore, you would be able to access innumerable ready-made and customized wooden windows designs for the house including even the wooden folding windows style that can be space saving.

Buying Windows

You can buy wooden house windows of the same type that you can install uniformly throughout the building from reputed manufacturers and sellers of wooden doors and windows online. When you buy online you stand to gain the advantage of going through the wide range of designs and styles of wooden windows available and the wooden window prices across different sites and manufacturers. This is one way of ensuring that you are buying them at the right prices and also make informed decisions when you purchase.

Wooden Windows Secunderabad Price List

Types of Wooden Windows Price
Brown Wooden Window Rs 110/Running Feet
Stylish Wooden Window Rs 250/Square Feet
Stylish Wooden Windows Rs 340/Square Feet
Black Single Bed Rs 2,100/Piece
Wooden Window Rs 150/Square Feet
Brown Hinged Wooden Windows Rs 180/Square Feet
Brown Wooden Casement Window Rs 210/Square Feet