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WPC Hybrid Board by Alstone Industries Private Limited

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WPC Boards by Ecoste Wood Polymer Composite

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WPC is a composite made of wood fibre and powder along with thermoplastic. The plastic used in the manufacturing of the WPC board is PVC, PE etc. WPC full form is Wood Plastic Composite. A WPC board is made of recycled wood and plastic, which makes it nature-friendly. The concept of sustainable development in the field of construction has given rise to various innovations including WPC boards in Bengaluru.  WPC board is a unique and best available alternative to classic plywood, it has overcome a quite a few drawbacks witnessed in use of plywood.

The application of the WPC board in your living space is broad, they are used as outdoor flooring as deck in the form of planks, Recently with the help of research and sound technological advancement has lead the WPC board manufactures in Bengaluru to broaden their horizon and use it in making of the door, windows, frames for these doors and windows, railing, cladding, and fence. People have started considering WPC board design into their modular kitchen, as it is a safe option.

Physical and Mechanical properties of WPC board

Because of the structure and material used in the WPC board manufacturing process, they retain very less moisture and water; a result of this, they do not swell and can be incorporated into interior designing of bathroom, toilets and near swimming pool area. A WPC board has less impact on the environment, they are flexible to use which can help in making of designer windows and door by reputed manufacturers like Century WPC board. Also, a WPC board is durable in nature.

When it comes to mechanical aspect, a WPC board is said to have more strength. The coupling agent used in the process of making the WPC board adds better bonding property. They do not crack and withstand pressure. Low elasticity of WPC board makes it possible to be designed in different form and shapes. Escote WPC board manufacturer produces them in a range of colors, size, and finish.

These physical and mechanical properties of WPC board make it ideal for long term usage for both indoor and outdoor purpose.

WPC Board a safe option

Use of WPC board is considered safe for our loved ones as they do not contain any harmful chemicals like formaldehyde. Biodegradable material such as agriculture residue and husk from paddy and rice along with plastic is used in the manufacturing of WPC board that is environment-friendly. WPC is an ideal option for replacing your old plywood cupboard and cabinets in your kitchen. Alstone WPC boards are new generation boards free from harmful chemicals and a hybrid version that is sturdy and durable. It can be used throughout your living space.

How to check the quality of the WPC board

Quality is not based upon the weight of the board. Commonly a WPC board quality depends on technical aspects such as screw holding capacity, the foam used and resistance capacity.  Quality of foam, surface hardness and thickness need to be checked and considered while buying a WPC board. The WPC board cost depends on these factors. However, since they do not require surface coating the form of painting or staining, the maintenance is easy and pocket-friendly.

WPC Board Bengaluru Price List

Types Of WPC Board Price
WPC Brown Board, Thickness: 5 - 20 mm Rs 30/ Square Feet
White PVC/WPC Board Rs 145/ Square Feet
Aalutuff WPC Board Rs 165/ Square Feet
Plastic WPC Color Board Rs 155/ Square Feet
WPC Foam Boards, Thickness: 12 mm Rs 110/ Square Feet
Wood WPC Board Rs 100/ Square Feet
Woodtec WPC Board, Size: 8 x 4 feet Rs 80/ Square Feet