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WPC Boards by Brothers Woodtrek India Private Limited

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WPC Hybrid Board by Alstone Industries Private Limited

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WPC Boards by Ecoste Wood Polymer Composite

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WPC is an innovation in the field of construction material that is secure and durable. A WPC board is made up of wood fibre and thermoplastics. The application of WPC board is wide; it can be used as flooring, in making of a door, frames for windows, fence, landscaping, railing, and cladding. A WPC board is a sustainable alternative for traditional wood and timber.  A WPC board in Chennai is gaining popularity among people as the process involved in the manufacturing has less impact on the environment. It is made up of recycled material using methods like injection molding, which is cost-effective.

Advantages of WPC board

A WPC board use has various benefits, which makes it preferable among WPC board manufactures in Chennai and other metropolitan cities. In recent years the market for WPC board is growing for its properties and application flexibility; some of the advantages of WPC board are as follows:

  1. Durability: the foremost advantage of a WPC board is that it is durable and has good resistance towards moisture, decay and rotting. This feature is highly important when a material is used outdoors.  A further good quality board such a Century WPC board does not corrode.
  2. Environment-Friendly: In the wake of green-friendly development, WPC board is replacing traditional timber. It is made up of recycled and biodegradable material that looks good and last long. Alstone WPC board manufacturer offers hybrid boards made up of rice husk and thermoplastic using advanced technology.
  3. Maintenance: A WPC board does not require a surface coating such as painting and staining, which makes it maintenance easy and cost-efficient.  Further, they are bug resistance which helps consumers to use it for a long time and need not to require frequent replacement.
  4. Strength: a WPC board does not crack and can withstand pressure. They are sturdy and secure construction material.
  5. Aesthetic: a WPC board undergoes high-end treatment or thermal transfer that gives look to the board, which in return blends with your living space and adds style to it.
  6. Flexibility: A WPC board design can be flexible, it can be made or molded into different size and shapes, a designer window and doors can be made easier with a WPC board, they give a rich and refreshing look to your home.

In addition to above advantages, a WPC board plays a vital role in protecting your living space from fire hazards, a door made of WPC board has good flame retardant performance, which adds security and protection to your home.

How to purchase a WPC board

They are not hard and fast rule for purchasing a WPC board, quality is the key factor in deciding which WPC board to purchase. Escote WPC board and such high- end manufacturers offer quality boards that can be judged based on the quality of material used in manufacturing and technology. A WPC board supplier provides a wide range of boards at a competitive price.

In the long run, a WPC board works better than wood, strong wood may appear cheap. The main reason behind choosing a WPC board among consumer is that it saves money on cleaning and sealing.

WPC Board Chennai Price List

Types of WPC Board Price
Kitchen WPC Board, Thickness: 4mm-20mm Rs 155/ Square Feet
White 8-18 Mm WPC Board Rs 135/ Square Feet
Waterproof Designer WPC Board Rs 105/ Square Feet
Brown WPC Board Rs 140/ Square Feet
WPC Board Rs 90/ Square Feet
White Plastic 3 Layer WPC Boards Rs 160/ Square Feet
Alstone Matte Finish WPC Board Rs 130/ Square Feet