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The most common question that arises when you see the words WPC Board is “What is WPC Board?”, in simple terms, it is a composite made up of wood particles and thermoplastic such as PVC. They are sustainable in nature and durable, which makes it the best alternative to traditional plywood.

In recent times, the WPC board in Hyderabad is gaining momentum, because of its wide variety of application. In the beginning stages a WPC board was used as a deck floor, but today it was evolved. It is used as door, railing and in making of Furniture.

A WPC has unique features that make it flexible and easy to work. WPC Board manufactures in Hyderabad prefers it as they can be molded into any desired shape by commonly using a technique called injection molding. Some of the benefits of a WPC board is that they are strong and has good resistance to decay, moisture, and rot. WPC board suppliers offer them in a wide variety of colors, finish, and sizes.

Plastic and WPC Board

Tough a WPC board consists of plastic; it is not all about it. WPC board is a composite made of biodegradable material such as agriculture residue, cotton stalks and husk from rice.  It is made up of recycled material, which is a sustainable alternate from traditional construction material such as wood. The WPC board manufacture is eco – friendly. A popular method used by WPC board manufactures is extrusion method that allows maximum usage of material and resulting in almost zero wastage of recycled material used in the production. Use of WPC boards reduces the impact on the environment.

Century WPC board and Astole WPC board are a couple of well known WPC board supplier in the market. Today a consumer prefers products that are green and new, WPC board is one such product that is a good substitute for timber and wood. As wood is getting costlier day by day, construction material manufacturers are coming up with alternatives that are better and durable as WPC board.

Quality of WPC Board

There is an assumption among people that the price of the WPC board depends on the weight. This is not the right parameter in deciding the quality or rate of a WPC board. The quality of a board must be judged based on foam formation, screw holding capacity, uniformity in foaming and hardness. Quality is the key and it depends on the quality of material used in production as well as technology.

Other Advantages of WPC Board

One other advantage of the WPC board is that it can be reused and recycled. They are popularly used in the form of planks and titles for outdoor deck and near the swimming pool. A WPC board need not require any surface protection, this makes them easy to maintain and cost-effective.

WPC board uses has been evolved into the flooring of interiors replacing hardwood, this is because of anti-corrosion, the anti-bacterial and anti-aging property of the board.  A WPC board design gives beauty and strength when it installed into your living space. WPC boards can, in fact, be an option for your modular Kitchens.

WPC board supplier is constantly developing new usages and giving it new form it to such as WPC grill board and WPC shuttering board. WPC board is a great addition to the new material in the market that has a diverse application that is natural.

WPC Boards Hyderabad Price List

Types of WPC Boards Price
Kitchen WPC Board, Thickness: 4mm-20mm Rs 150/ Square Feet
WPC Brown Board, Thickness: 5 - 20 mm Rs 26/ Feet
Plastimber Pine Yellow WPC Board - Gold, Thickness: 5 To 18mm Rs 127/ Square Feet
White & Beige WPC Board Rs 150/ Square Feet
White Polyvinyl Chloride WPC Boards Rs 129/ Square Feet
Hardy Plast WPC Plain Boards, Thickness: 6-40 mm Rs 181/ Square Feet
Brown WPC Board for Modular Kitchen, Size: 8 mm Rs 80/ Square Feet