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WPC Boards by Brothers Woodtrek India Private Limited

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WPC Hybrid Board by Alstone Industries Private Limited

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WPC Boards by Ecoste Wood Polymer Composite

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WPC board has created a revolution in the construction industry and among the people; it has made them realize that in construction houses one needs to destroy the environment. People have started accepting WPC boards in Kolkata, and then what is a WPC board. It is a composite of wood particles with thermoplastic such as PVC; along with this, you can find certain recycled material such as husk from rice and paddy or agricultural residue. The WPC board manufactures in Kolkata have gives us WPC board designs that are unique and matches the décor.

Characteristics of a WPC board

The following characteristics of a WPC board make it a better option to use in construction than plywood.

  1. Water Resistance:The main feature of a WPC board is it being water résistance, the structure of a WPC board manufacturing process is such that it makes it water and humidly resistance, whereas a wood does not sustain water and it can rot when exposed to water for longer period of time. Because of this feature of a WPC board, it can be used as a flush door for bathrooms.
  2. Application: The ways in which you can use or where you can use a WPC board is endless, it has better flexibility than wood. It can be molded and designed into any shapes. For instance, it can be used in making a WPC grill door, a WPC shutter door, 3D decorative panel, cabinets, windows, frames for window and door, flooring and cladding. A WPC board with beautiful design and structure just wins the heart.
  3. Strong and Durable: A WPC board is stronger because of high density and makes it ideal to be used in both exterior and interior. Since it is free from problems such as termites and pest, they are best and have a longer life frame.
  4. Efficient Product: As the WPC board manufacturing process uses no harmful chemicals, hence there is no effect on one’s health due to this product. These boards can be installed at home and office and do not result in any kind of irritation that is the reason why it is user-friendly.
  5. Eco-safe: A WPC board supplier makes them in such a way that they are environmentally friendly than other available substitutes in the market. WPC board can best product to use in the wake of sustainable development as it contains less than 15% of wood particles or powder. Further, they help in keeping our forest safe. Century WPC boards are reputed manufacturer of this product in the market.

WPC Board Kolkata Price List

Types of WPC Board Price
Kitchen WPC Board, Thickness: 4mm-20mm Rs 150/Square Feet
Plastimber Pine Yellow WPC Board - Gold, Thickness: 5 To 18mm Rs 127/Square Feet
WPC White Board, Thickness: 4-5 mm Rs 35/Square Feet
WPC Board Rs 45/SQ
WPC Rectangular Board, Thickness: 2.5-36 mm Rs 60/Square Feet
ORPET GOLD 8x4 Feet 18mm Foam Board, 18 mm Rs 91/Square Feet
Alstone Matte Finish WPC Board, Size: 8 x 4 feet Rs 135/Square Feet