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WPC Hybrid Board by Alstone Industries Private Limited

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Price 350/Sq. Foot
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WPC Boards by Ecoste Wood Polymer Composite

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Can Furniture be made with WPC Board?

WPC stands for Wood composite – polymer. It is made up of composite material made up of wood fiber or other wood particles with thermoplastic such as PVC and PE. WPC board manufacture in the process of making WPC Boards add addictive for bonding. Traditional wood and plywood are getting replaced by WPC board in Mumbai. Wood comes with several limitations, such as shrinking or swelling in moisture and humidity. But this not the case with WPC board, they do not swell or shrink which makes it ideal for outdoor furniture.

Properties of WPC for Making Furniture

A WPC board comes with a number of characteristics that are suitable for making furniture. The most important feature of a WPC board is that they are a pest and termite free, this property alone is sufficient for its entry into the furniture industry. WPC board manufactures in Mumbai have started adopting them as a part of construction industry owing to the flexibility and versatile nature. A WPC board is much durable, which is necessary for making furniture as nobody would want to spend money often on replacing furniture around their home. In simple terms, a WPC board eliminates all disadvantages that one can see in traditional construction material such as wood and plywood. In fact, a WPC board is the best and safe option for your modular kitchen, they are free from all kind of Fungal or bacterial contamination.  A furniture maker need not use different tool or machinery for making furniture out of WPC board, they can be easily crafted, designed and give any shape with the help of the same tool.

WPC Board Design

The board comes in a range of color and finish, century WPC board is a well known WPC board supplier in the market. The flexibility nature of WPC board makes it easy to work it; it can be bent or molded into any shape, thus creating designer furniture. Further WPC board can be treated with coolants and assume any design that can be custom made to match your home décor.

Use of WPC Board

As it is clearly established that a WPC board has unique features that make it stand out and replace traditional construction material. Eco- friendly furniture made of WPC board is gaining momentum in recent items. The ways in which the board can be used is vast including but not limited to in manufacturing of door, windows, frames, outdoor flooring, cabinets, cupboards, WPC grill door and Cladding. In addition to all these features and usages, a WPC board maintenance cost is less and best for long term investment.

WPC Board Mumbai Price List

Types of WPC Board Price
White & Beige WPC Board  Rs 150/ Square Feet
Rectangular WPC Board, Length: 8 feet Rs 35/Square Feet
Ivory Wood Fiber WPC Board, Thickness: 24 Mm & 28 Mm Rs 130/Square Feet
Hardy Plast WPC Plain Boards, Thickness: 6-40 mm Rs 181/Square Feet
White WPC Hybrid Board, Size: 8 mm Rs 60/Square Feet
WPC Brown Board, Thickness: 5 - 20 mm Rs 26/Feet
Brown WPC Board for Modular Kitchen, Size: 8 mm Rs 80/Square Feet