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WPC Hybrid Board by Alstone Industries Private Limited

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WPC Boards by Ecoste Wood Polymer Composite

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WPC Board the best option for Interior Designing

Owing to changes in lifestyle and living more sustainable, consumers are looking for an option that is environment-friendly. WPC board is one such option; it is made up of recycled material consisting of wood and thermoplastic without depleting the earth of its natural resources. WPC boards in Noida are easily available and it is gaining momentum in the construction industry because o fit a wide range of application and advantages over old materials. The flexible nature of the WPC board makes possible to mold it into any shape. WPC board manufactures in Noida offer a wide range of design that is new and trendy. WPC board suppliers are able to achieve this with the aid of treatment with colorants. As a WPC board can assume attractive designs, they are the ideal option for interior designing.

Benefits of using WPC Board

Three major benefits a WPC board offers that are pleasing to manufactures and consumers are as follows:

  1. Resistance Power: A WPC board has high resistance to water and humidity because of its micro composition and structure. In interior designing one needs material to sustain for the long time frame while preserving the beauty, WPC board can help you achieve this. A WPC board design is beautiful and blends well with the structure.
  2. Best Value for Money: These days we prefer products that are valued for the money we spent. We want something that is secure, safe and durable. A WPC board offers all three with endless applications. WPC board rates are affordable and since they do not corrode or crack, making it easy maintenance.
  3. Anti-weather Resistance: This is the most important property of a WPC board that attract interior designer towards it. A WPC board is treated with high – quality UV inhibition pigment, which enables it to resist sun rays for a longer time frame. And also they retain the color and design for long time frames to be appreciated. Century WPC board is leading manufacturer in the market that produces them in various thickness and length to meet your requirements.

WPC Board Noida Price List

Types of WPC Board Price
Woodtec WPC Board, Size: 8 x 4 feet Rs 75/Square Feet
Alstone Matte Finish WPC Board, Size: 8 x 4 feet Rs 135/Square Feet
WPC Waterproof Board, Thickness: 18 mm Rs 80/Square Feet
Plastic WPC Board Rs 130/Square Feet
WPC Board, Thickness: 11 mm Rs 42/Square Feet
White Plastic Alstone WPC Board, Thickness: 4-25 mm Rs 130/Square Feet
WPC Brown Plywood Board, Thickness: 6 mm Rs 40/Square Feet