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Tamil Nadu , India

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Founded in 2005, we are the largest and most successful company in the Tamil Nadu, India, thereby making us the recognized market leaders in this field.
We remain dedicated specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of Glazing systems for contracts anywhere in the India. Our highly experienced and directly employed fixing staff has installed Lakhs of square metres of Glazing and ACP throughout the years and examples of our finished work can be seen on many of today’s prestigious buildings, Commercial buildings, Industrial buildings, IT Companies, Banking Sectors, Government buildings and shopping centres, .


Since our inception, our mission has been to achieve complete customer satisfaction by providing them with the products of their choice at reasonable rates. We are oriented towards providing dedicated services to our end users and supply quality in all our dealings.


We work together, across boundaries, to meet the needs of our clients and to help the company win. We provide outstanding products and unsurpassed services that, together, deliver premium value to our clients.

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