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Quba is one of the finest designers of modular kitchens, television units, vanities, wardrobes and furniture. We offer complete solutions and a variety of products like German kitchens from Nobilia, made in Germany, as well as Quba products from the Delhi manufacturing unit. Our manufactured products are of the highest quality, are reliable and authentic. Our products are innovative, afforable and we also have top quality service which constitutes our core competencies. We have a highly motivated and creative team that will provide a unique, contemporary, and elegant look to suit your personality. Over the last few years at Quba, we have built a strong chain of satisfied clients and customers and our team ensures timely delivery, precision in the manufacturing of our products, design and installation as well as excellent customer service.

We at Quba are the proud distributors and channel partner of Nobilia Kitchens in India. Nobilia is the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of German modular kitchens. One in every three kitchens in Germany are built by Nobilia. Designed by the talent and teamwork of German designers, Nobilia serves the best modular worktops, kitchen cabinets and top brand appliances to countries around the world. We import top of the line, sleek fitted kitchen cabinets manufactured with modern technology and machinery from Germany while keeping in mind the requirements of the Indian market.

We, at Quba, not only offer the best customer service but we also focus on satisfying our customers and clients by offering them the best, innovative designs and ensuring the timely delivery of their products. We guarantee the authenticity and reliability of our products which are available at affordable prices.

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