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Rajasthan , India

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I received  B.Arch. degree from NIT Jaipur, after this i gained my professional experience with renowned Architect Yatin Pandya, Ahmedabad. Also worked in Delhi-NCR and Hyderabad, Jaipur. After a satisfactory period of professional gain and working on all spectrum of architectural projects like residential, educational, healthcare, hospitality, commercial, juridical and more, I started working on my own and have been active in the field for almost five years.
I believe that any built environment has direct influence on human behaviour, as human interaction brings the energy that creates the output between everyone. Function and efficiency are the primary inspirations for my designs.
As professionals my focus is towards cohesive development linked to context, suitability and regional identity.
Irrelevant of the scale of the project I endeavour to set an epitome every time I start with a project and to embody a sustainable approach in my designs with unbridled joy.

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