How to choose the best glass for windows?

By: | November 18 , 2021

Different Glass types have different characteristics. Depending upon the type of properties one is looking for the best and most appropriate type of glass can be chosen.

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Clear Float Glass or Annealed Glass

  • It allows 100% penetration of light and clarity in viewing.
  • It is not good for sound and heat insulation.
  • When broken, it shall shatter into big sharp pieces of glass which can be dangerous.

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Tinted Glass and Reflective Glass

  • When metal oxides are added to glass during manufacturing, they form tinted glass and when a metallic coating is applied on glass during manufacture it forms reflective glass.
  • It allows limited heat insulation
  • When broken, it could shatter into big sharp pieces of glass which could create sharp cuts.

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Toughened Glass

  • It is stronger and the price is more expensive than annealed glass.
  • It is available in clear, reflective and tinted forms in colors green, grey, bronze and blue.
  • When broken it breaks into small fragments which are harmless as compared to annealed glass.

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Laminated Glass

  • Two glass pieces are sandwiched with an intermediate inner layer.
  • Several properties can be induced in the glass through the properties of the intermediate layer.
  • When broken the glass is still attached to each other hence it is harmless.
  • They are available in different colors.
  • Good for sound and heat insulation.

Low E Glass

  • Low Emissivity Glass has a metallic coating on it which helps in heat reflection hence makes it a good material for heat insulation.
  • The metallic coating could be on all types of glass and in different colors.

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Double Glass

  • Two glass pieces (annealed or toughened glass) are separated with an air gap to form double glass windows.
  • Good in Sound and heat insulation.
  • Double Glass window prices are expensive.

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