What is Metal Cladding, Types & Manufacturing Process

By: | May 06 , 2019
Metal Cladding Types
  1. What is metal cladding?

    • Wall cladding systems while enhancing the aesthetic of a building also adds a series of added benefits including but not limited to fire resistance, resistance to moisture, better acoustics, environmental concerns while addressing and adhering to several other technical specifications. When looking for a modern, cost-effective and top-notch environmentally friendly wall cladding, metal wall cladding is the numero uno choice. Metal panels can be seamlessly fit over any kind of cladding or even existing metal systems with relative ease.
    • Metal Wall cladding helps adds another dimension to your home or your office structure and is extremely easy to maintain as well.  Being lightweight and durable, the possibilities of cladding profiles are far and numerous; it can make your mundane and dull exteriors walls, beautiful and long lasting or even liven up your interiors as highlight wall on the inside while resisting chipping, flaking and blistering. Metal cladding helps add depth and texture and it’s available in several types of metals, colours, and can be further customized to cater to your exact needs and requirements.
    • Weather tight and secure, it will stand the test of time and is the right choice for protecting your interior and exterior walls. Besides, metal cladding is energy efficient which not only helps reduce your carbon imprint but also help reduce your monthly heating and cooling bills. Furthermore, Metal is also recyclable thus helping reduce your overall impact on the environment as well.
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  2. Types Of Metal Cladding

    • Metal cladding is extremely sturdy and durable and has a very long lifespan depending on the metal cladding types. Walls can be finished with a wide array of metals and techniques which provide excellent resistance and coverage against weather conditions while being completely resistant to abrasions, UV rays and staining.
    • Today, Metal wall cladding is one of the most preferred cladding materials for newer homes. They not only improve the value and appearance of your interiors or exteriors but are also lightweight, fireproof and waterproof whilst also providing excellent acoustic performance.
    • Types of metal cladding range for interior and exterior cladding are:
    • Metal cladding can be painted too and is available in a wide range of textures and patterns to replicate the look of different materials. With the right maintenance, it can increase the service life of any structure while also proving to be one of the best investments you can make to improve the value of your house. Metal cladding generally has a long lifespan varying from metal to metal. For instance, Zinc and stainless steel can easily last up to 60-80 years, while copper cladding can have a life in excess of 100 years in normal environments.
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  3. Metal cladding process

    • Cladding refers to a process where a particular metal is bonded electrically, mechanically or through some other high pressure and temperature process onto another surface to provide a dual layer of protection against weather elements. Stronger and less malleable metals like aluminium, steel and titanium can be directly latched onto the frame without any support. Other metals like copper, brass, zinc etc aren’t strong enough to be hung independently and need support by way of ply boards or other frames so that it can be bound or fastened on it and hung separately. These panels can be either welded together or laid across like tiles.
    • Cladding can be applied on either or both sides of the frame or board and then smeared a layer of coating to prevent corrosion and rusting. For instance, steel is galvanised or powder coated while aluminium is anodised. These processes apply a layer of protective coat onto the metal to make it sturdier and robust enough to withstand the elements of nature. Metal cladding your exteriors or interiors not only improve its functionality as well as its appearance but also enables you and your family have a versatile and sophisticated space in which to spend time together.
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