What is Sliding Window?

By: | November 18 , 2021

Sliding Windows are windows that are used in modern homes giving the interiors a very contemporary look. These windows have bearing wheels that make the widows slide horizontally. In the upvc sliding windows system the opening is divided into equal parts as per required dimensions of sliding window panes, one glass pane is fixed and the other windows slide over the fixed pane. They are available in various colours, designs and materials. The advantages of sliding windows are –

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  • These windows can cover large spans which is not possible in a double hung window, hence providing unconstructive views.
  • Sliding windows are very easy to operate with a touch of a finger; the bearing wheels make the windows slide very efficiently.
  • Easy to use and requires very low maintenance. Cleaning the windows from outside can be a problem.
  • It is of great advantage to use it in small spaces where the hand is difficult to reach.
  • Sliding windows could be powder coated, made in aluminium. Different kinds of glass like low-e glass could be used for the window panes. It also helps in the energy efficiency of the interior space as it is locked so as to create a tight seal.

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