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Best 3D Wall Panels

3D wall panels are highly textured wall panels which are designed to impart a three-dimensional effect to the wall. The concept of 3d wall panels to beautify the interior and exterior walls is very recent. The textures carved on the 3d panels create a unique pattern of light and shadows, thereby making the wall the central attraction in the room. The modern 3d wall panels impart an excellent architectural feel to the room or the facade of the building. They create a positive impression in the minds of the guests and visitors.

Materials Used

PVC- The 3d pvc wall panels are light in weight and can be installed on both interior and exterior walls of the building. These panels come in a plethora of textures, designs and colours. The 3d pvc wall panels can also be painted over or varnished to improve the charm of the room. The panels can be easily installed by gluing.

Bamboo- 3d wall panels made of bamboo pulp are eco-friendly because bamboo is a natural product. The bamboo pulp is moulded using the best automatic moulding techniques to create 3d bamboo wall panels. High quality bamboo 3d wall panels are resistant against moisture. They are also more durable than wood panels. The panels can be glued to the wall easily.

MDF- Medium density fiberboard or MDF is also used to make 3d wall panels. MDF is manufactured by fusing residues of hardwood and softwood through the use of resin under high temperature and pressure. 3d mdf wall panels are durable, waterproof and cheap. The panels can be laminated, painted or veneered to impart a glow to them. They are suitable for decorating walls in both residential and commercial buildings.

Glass- Tempered glass is used to make 3d glass wall panels. Tempered glass is six times stronger than conventional glass and does not break easily. They are available in a number of unique designs and textures.

Fabric- Fabric is used to make 3d decorative wall panels. Fabric 3d wall panels are very soft and are widely used for interior decoration in offices, nightclubs, restaurants, etc. The fabric requires special care and maintenance. Such wall panels are expensive.

Metal- Metal 3d wall panels combine the 3d effect with natural metallic glint to create a unique ambiance in homes and offices.

3D Wall Panels Designs and Textures

3d textured wall panels are created through numerous processes. Special equipment’s are also used to create the 3d effect. The type of finishing of the outer layer depends upon the material used to make the panel. Many types of textures such as diamond, pixels, pads, moonscape, ramps, dunes, bloom, bars, etc. are carved on the 3d panels.

3d wall art panels in various designs are also available in the market. Some examples include 3d wall panels with spiritual art, wildlife art, scenery art, people and places art, etc. The wallart 3d wall panels drastically improve the ambiance of the room and leave the guests awestruck.

3d Wall Panels Price List

Types of 3D Wall Panels Price
Artificial 3D Wall Panel Rs 1,700/ Piece
3D Solid PVC Wall Panels Rs 1,920/ Sheet
3D Brick Wall Panels Rs 600/ Square Feet
Modern 3D Wall Panel Rs 150/ Square Feet
3D Leather Wall Panels Rs 550/ Piece
3D PVC Wall Panel Rs 3,000/ Sheet
3D Bubble Wall Panel Rs 158/ Square Feet

There are many famous companies specializing in 3d wall panels in India. There are many factors influencing 3d wall panels price in India. They include the material of the panel, size, texture and design. The 3d wall panels price depends upon the total square feet of the wall covered by the panel because the panels are usually priced on a per square feet basis.

3D Wall Panels Benefits

  • 3D wall panels are light in weight which makes them very easy to install.
  • 3D wall panels are fire resistant because of polystyrene foam used in their construction which is self-extinguishing in nature.
  • 3D wall panels prevent heat loss from the room even during cold months. This is because of EPS squeezing foam used in their construction.