Marble Cladding in India

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What is marble cladding?

Thin marble panels are used for preparing an interior or exterior wall cladding for buildings. Marble cladding is one of the modern and luxurious cladding materials widely used for housing and commercial projects. Marble cladding is used to overlay different types of buildings for a rich and glossy look. For buildings with old or new construction, marble cladding can be used for a makeover. This cladding can be applied as well can be removed from the walls.

Marble is an age old material used for construction at different places. Marble is available in numerous shades and types. The colour of marble depends on the impurities it has. Marble facades can be used for preparing a textured or patterned look for the buildings. It is a highly durable cladding option which ensures safety against rain dirt and extreme heat.

Special firms and cladding experts are required for applying marble cladding to the walls as marble is brittle and can get damaged easily. Carved marble cladding is one of the most ancient and beautiful form of wall cladding while white polished marble cladding is the contemporary cladding option for a contemporary feel!

Designs and patterns:

Flooring marbles, granite marbles, marble tiles and cladding sheets are used to cover the buildings and floors with marble cladding. Marble granite cladding is one of the oldest and ravishing cladding options used for domestic and industrial walls. For luxurious and rich cladding, people prefer different shades of granite cladding. Along with residential and commercial buildings, marble is also used for preparing monuments and unique sculptures.

Metamorphosed limestone, quartz, granite and other materials make the marble cladding more luxurious and ravishing. Cutting edge designs, soul pleasing shades, mesmerizing designs are used for giving a rich look to kitchen walls, living rooms, floors, offices, restaurants and much more.

Marble Colours:

Marble is available in numerous shades and types. The colour of marble depends on the impurities it has.

Green Marble – As name describe, Green marble is green in color and widely being used for flooring and cladding purpose in both residential and commercial buildings.

Black Marble – Black marble is pure and natural in texture that’s make it more appealing for cladding purpose. Black marble is used for cladding purpose in building system.

White Marble Price – White marble is widely used for cladding purpose in residential and commercial buildings as well.

Marble Cladding Price List:

The price of marble depends on the types of marble and texture. Below are the marble price per square foot –

Types of Marble

Price in INR (per sqft)

Premium Morwad White Marble

120 / -Square Feet

Makrana Pure White Marbles

400 /- Square Feet

White Indian Statuario Marble

150 /- Square Feet

Opal White Marble

300 /- Square Feet

White Base Tiles

150 /- Square Feet

Zanjhar White Marble

40 /-Square Feet

Talai White Marble

70 /-Square Feet

Udaipur Pink Marble

30 /-Square Feet

Dark Green Marble

45 /-Square Feet

Onyx Green

60 /-Square Feet

Goldio Marble

60 /-Square Feet

Dungri Marble

60 /-Square Feet

Black Pearl Granite Marbles

400 /-Square Feet

Green Pearl Granite

200 /-Square Feet

Turkish Onyx Marble

1200 /-Square Feet

The marble cladding is available from 30/sqft – 3000/sqft.

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