Stone Cladding in India

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Kerb Stone by MRK GRC

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Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Frp Concrete Cladding Panels by DELHI GRC

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Grass Pavers by MRK GRC

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Interlocking Paver Block by G. K. PRECAST

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Ventilated facades by Nexion International

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Stone Cladding by Rivashaa Eco Design Solutions

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Dry Stone Cladding by MS Engineers

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Stone Wall Cladding by MS Engineers

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Stone Cladding by Matrix Glazing

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Stone cladding:

Stone cladding is one of the rich and stylish cladding types used for cladding walls. Stone cladding is prepared from thin trimmed coating of large stones. These polished coating is then attached with plywood and is applied to steel or concrete walls for cladding purposes. Stone cladding is done while using stones with an appealing look to make the exterior and interior walls look fancy. Stone cladding is made with the use of materials like waterproof barrier, mortar coat, fibre cement, timber stud frames and much more.

Stone cladding is tough to install due to its heaviness. The walls are covered with plywood and then the stone cladding is applied leaving some space between the cladding and plywood for some airflow. Stone cladding is easy to maintain and does not require constant safeguarding. Stylish stone cladding can give a wow look to the walls and make the buildings look more thrilling.

Stone wall cladding India:

The stone cladding is available in ample of colours, designs, patterns, polishing to redesign the buildings. Ledge stone cladding is popular for living room wall cladding, natural stone cladding is trending for outdoor cladding, black stone cladding, brick cladding are the most famous cladding types. The elegant and designer stones provide n appealing look to the walls while keeping the walls safe from any damage.

Benefits of stone cladding:

  • Stone cladding makes buildings look stylish, high profile and uniquely designed
  • Stone cladding is quite cost effective and needs minimal maintenance
  • It can also be used for flooring
  • Stone cladding is durable, strong and protective

Types of stone cladding

  • Natural stone wall cladding
  • Sandstone wall cladding
  • Slate quartzite cladding
  • Ledge stone cladding
  • Polished stone cladding
  • Flamed stone cladding
  • Brick stone cladding
  • Brown stone cladding

Stone cladding price range:

Cladding Price
Natural Stone wall cladding 100/sqft-600/sqft
Ledge Stone cladding 100/sqft-500/sqft
Lava stone cladding 100/sqft-600/sqft