Shaft Doors in India

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In any kind of residential or commercial building, give me definitely need to use the best quality shaped doors because of its excellent features. Mainly in commercial buildings, the use of shaft doors is increasing at a large scale and you will find it very common in places like hospitals, educational Institutes, commercial offices and other buildings. If you are also looking to find the best solution of the shaft doors to install at your building, you will need to make choice for the best manufacturers and suppliers in the market for the best designs of these doors.

Variety of the shaft door designs in the market

First of all, you will definitely need to focus on the variety of the designs available in the market when you want to go for shaft door designs for your building. It is definitely not one of the most elegant door designs but it is practically very beneficial for the building for the enhanced safety of every resident. Still, you will find some of the beautiful designs with the combination of metal and glass in the doors.

Better installation for enhanced safety

Even if you are able to find the highest quality elevator shaft doors for your building, you will definitely need to find the services of the top professionals for the proper installation of these doors. With better installation, it is possible to improve the overall safety and it will also help a lot to control the smoke in the case of any fire crisis in the building.

Multipurpose use of the shaft doors

Today, shaft doors are used for multipurpose in the residential as well as commercial buildings. Whether it is about use at the elevators are used as the garage door, it is definitely one of the best solutions because of its excellent functionality and safety features for your building. You will also find availability of electrical safety door designs for your convenience and enhanced safety.

If you are ready to go for these excellent door solutions to install at your building, There are several manufacturers and suppliers who can provide all kinds of designs for the doors to the customers. You just need to search for the top manufacturers in the market so that you can get the excellent deals. The best way to find out the excellent deals on these doors is using the online services for it.

Shaft Dors Price List

Types of Shaft Doors Price
Metal Fire Shaft Door Rs 315/Square Feet
Fire Resistant Shaft Door Rs 18,000/Piece
Fire Rated Shaft Doors Rs 3,000/Piece
Fire Rated Shaft Doors Rs 32,538/Piece
Yes Fire Rated Shaft Door Rs 10,000/Piece
Fire Shaft Door or Fire duct door Rs 4,750/Piece
Arr Engineering Fire Duct Shaft Door Rs 5,700/Piece