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Bathroom is a place where you require the most privacy. However, it is essential to have a bathroom window which does not compromise your privacy. This is because bathroom windows enable the moisture accumulated in the bathroom air to escape, thereby preventing moisture damage to the walls and mould growth due to high humidity. Apart from ventilation, bathroom windows also allow natural light to enter the bathroom which is also very important.

Bathroom Window Types

There are several bathroom window styles which can be considered for your bathroom.

1. Awning Bathroom Window

Awning window has a hinge on the top of the frame which enables the sash to open away from the frame. The awning window can be left open to allow air circulation. It does not allow rain or snow to get into the bathroom even in the open position. Hence, it can be left open in any weather.

2. Porthole Bathroom Window

Porthole is a small bathroom window style. This window is circular in shape and is suitable for small bathrooms. It lets in sufficient light into the bathroom and adds a style quotient. The porthole window must be located above the bathtub or shower to afford privacy while giving a view of the sky.

3. Bathroom Bay Window

Bay window allows light and air to enter the bathroom from multiple angles and directions. A bathroom bay window located near the bathtub allows you to enjoy the outside view while having a bath.

4. Wall-to-ceiling window

Wall-to-ceiling bathroom window is suitable for a bathroom where privacy is not a concern. This type of window offers a spectacular view of the surroundings and lets in ample natural light into the bathroom.

5. Skylight window

Skylight window is suitable for a bathroom where there not enough space to install a window. The skylight window located on the ceiling provides allows good amount of sunlight into the bathroom without compromising privacy.

These are just some of the best bathroom windows that can be considered by you.

Types of Bathroom Window Glass

Privacy glass is used in a bathroom privacy window. Privacy glass is heavily patterned to prevent visibility while allowing natural light to filter into the bathroom. There are many designs of privacy glass with each design allowing a certain amount of light into the room. You need to determine the amount of natural light suitable for your bathroom before deciding upon a design.

Glass block windows also allows sufficient light to pass through without compromising privacy. The view is obscured either by patterns or frosting.

Other points to consider

There are so many bathroom window ideas to choose from. However, there are certain factors that must be kept in mind while making a choice.

  • The bathroom window design should be in harmony with the dimensions of the bathroom and the proportions of the fixtures and the furniture elements. A large window makes the bathroom look bigger while multiple windows can be installed in a large bathroom.
  • The window should be aesthetically pleasing but must not become the focal point of the bathroom. Thus, aluminium bathroom windows are recommended. Aluminium bathroom windows have subtle and elegant textures which enables them to blend in well in the bathrooms.
  • The bathroom window must be strategically placed to enable optimum amount of sunlight to enter the bathroom. The location of the window must also allow total privacy.

Bathroom Window Price List

Types of Bathroom Window Price
Aluminium Bathroom Window Rs 170/ Square Feet
Bathroom Glass Window Rs 200/ Square Feet
UPVC Bathroom Windows Rs 500/ Square Feet
Bathroom Window Rs 175/Square Feet
2-3 Feet Bathroom UPVC Top Hung Window Rs 400/Square Feet

The bathroom window prices depend upon the style of the window, material used in making the frame and the size. For example, the bathroom window cost in case of a casement window made of aluminium with a size of 1200mm X 1200mm can be anything between 770 pounds and 960 pounds. Extra money needs to be paid for a privacy or frosted glass.