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uPVC Kitchen Window by Sri Kala Projects

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Hyderabad, Telangana

Kitchen Windows by Future Fabtech

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Kitchen Windows by 7Star

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Best Kitchen Windows

The kitchen is the heart of your home. That is why it must be well-lit, airy, and bright at all times. Also, a well-designed kitchen window design allows you to work at your leisure and prevents stress and negativity from entering, while also creating a space that feels pleasant and has a positive atmosphere. Furthermore, it provides a number of advantages, including improved vision and mood throughout the day, and a more expansive appearance in your cooking space.

From a decor standpoint, modern kitchen windows design is very appealing. You'll love how the space appears afterward, especially since they can make the cooking space look bigger no matter when they're open or closed. There are several perks of having a big kitchen window. One of them is to create an eye-catching aesthetic since it lets in plenty of brightness and air which will never make you feel cramped up in your cooking space.

The design and style of the kitchen room window should be chosen with maximum functionality and maintenance-free features in mind. Also, you should consider the casements which are simple to open and close since they are usually operated on a regular basis. These days, many homeowners prefer attractively done casements for their modern cooking space. To make them stand out even more, couple them with aesthetic curtains or wood frames, and your cooking space will truly stand out as a distinctive centre point in your home. 

A comprehensive look at Different Types of  Kitchen Windows

One of the most frequently used places in your house is where the food is cooked. Choosing the right window of kitchen can be a daunting task because it is such an important place. There are numerous kitchen window styles and functional designs to choose from each of which has a different look and usefulness. To help to choose the perfect ones for your home, we compiled a comprehensive list of different types.

  • Sliding Kitchen Window: these ones can be ideally installed above sinks and counters. They're exceedingly simple to open because they open on a sliding track. They can do a lot more than just open easily. These are comparable to double-hung styles as they are turned on the side to provide you with a lot of control over airflow. You have the option of opening it fully or half as per your convenience.
  • Kitchen Garden Window: There isn't another option like these ones as they extend past the front of your house and provide more area for plants or trinkets. Because these have glasses on all sides (and even the top), it's ideal for growing your own herbs all year. They'll always have just the right amount of light while being protected from unpredictable weather.
  • Kitchen pass through window: When there's a patio directly outside the wall, these ones come in handy. The panes open and close and serve as a shortcut for passing out drinks, food, utensils, and other stuff for a backyard BBQ. It is sometimes created with single-hung or accordion styles. They also work nicely as a way to hand food plates to the table on a wall between the cooking space and dining area.
  • Double Hung Windows: This is the most popular design for any room in the house, including the cooking space. Because they may be opened from the top or bottom, you'll have a lot of control over air circulation. Not to mention that you have complete control over how much or how little you open them. On each side of these types, there are two sets of safety latches that prevent the panes from being opened more than 3 or 5 inches.
  • Large Kitchen Windows: A large bay style is one of the most common methods to open up a cooking space. They add extra natural light to the area and make the space appear brighter and larger. Box and angled bays are two other options for these types. While this gives you more options in terms of size and design, it also means that if you decide to go custom, it will cost more.

Detailed Overview of the amazing Features

Windows do more than just allow in natural light and fresh air. They can also act as an architectural focal point and contribute to the overall style of your home's architecture, depending on the design. Learn about the most common features to know more about them.

  • Easy to operate: Because most casements in cooking places are located above the working tables, they are designed in such a way that makes them simple to use so that even shorter people and children can operate in easily. Opening and closing them should not be a bother, thus they open and close with little effort.
  • Bright light and fit in decor:  Since they usually have a huge glass pane, as a result, it increases the amount of light and ventilation in the space. Because of their unique design and durability, these are increasingly gaining popularity. The huge glass panes also make the space look bigger and more spacious.
  • Energy-efficient: They are usually made of glass or other materials which let in ample airflow and ventilation, making them energy-efficient. Double-pane or even triple-pane installed in them provide better insulating capabilities, keeping heat out during the summer and warmth in during the winter. Good insulation decreases the demand for cooling and heating, saving your energy expenditures all year.

Study about the spectacular Benefits

We spend a lot of time in the cooking space since it is a place where we can congregate as a family, prepare meals, cook, dine, or just socialise. Windows in the kitchen may provide more light, boost mood, and make the area appear larger. They will benefit your home in the following ways aside from its principal functions.

  • Easy to add Ventilation: Finding casements that are a suitable match for a cooking space can have a big impact on how well they ventilate. Having odours linger in the cooking area because the panes are difficult to open or only open partially can be aggravating. Opening the panes can make it much easier to let the air out and eradicate any foul odours.
  • Easy to Maintain: Even if you strive to maintain your casements many spots, grease and dirt will eventually accumulate. But nowadays new materials of panes like UPVC, FRP, etc are quite easy to maintain as they can be easily cleaned without any hassle. Aside from dusting and wiping, these require little to no more upkeep. 
  • Reliable Durability: When someone cooks or prepares food, the area can be filled with heat, smoke, oil, dampness, and other similar substances. And, because these elements are there, your casements must be able to endure them in order to survive a long period. PVC ones, fortunately, are resistant to the impacts of heat, smoke, grease, and spills. They will not distort, warp, rot, or corrode even after prolonged exposure to these conditions. They can persist for decades because of their resilience to these factors.

Explore the Manufacturer List of kitchen Windows

There are various companies and producers in the industry, each giving a distinct range of this product. However, just a few manufacturers offer aesthetically pleasing as well as highly functional fixture pieces. Let's have a look at some of the most well-known brands:

  • Sri Kala Projects: The company specialises in the manufacturing and distribution of high-quality glass, UPVC, aluminium, and other products. They have specialists with expertise, experience, creativity, thoroughness, and professionalism to ensure that consumers are completely satisfied with their products.
  • Smart Interiors and Doors: They are one of the most well-known interior design and decoration firms in India. The company specialises in space analysis, planning, designing & building, and facility management, in addition to interior design and decoration.  
  • Future Fabtech: The company deals in Metal Doors, Fiber Doors, Residential Doors, and a variety of other products. They strive to implement innovative ideas and technology to manufacture their products which are structurally sound, durable, and functionally excellent.

Check Out Kitchen Windows from McCoy Mart 

McCoy Mart is an internet store that offers both conventional and modern home renovation and construction products. They provide a large selection of products from multiple brands, manufacturers, and sellers. You may read the specs and descriptions of each product to know more about them. Furthermore, if you have a subscription to a pro account, you can buy in bulk quantities and save money on each transaction.

Kitchen Window Price List online at McCoy Mart

Types of Kitchen Windows Estimated Price
UPVC Kitchen Window Approx. Rs 140/ Square Feet - Rs 450/ Square Feet
Kitchen Louver Window Approx. Rs 180/ Square Feet - Rs 380/ Square Feet
Aluminium Kitchen Window Approx. Rs 200/ Square Feet - Rs 550/ Square Feet
Kitchen Sliding Window Approx. Rs 150/ Square Feet - Rs 400/ Square Feet
Wooden Kitchen Window Approx. Rs 100/ Square Feet - Rs 300/ Square Feet
White UPVC Kitchen Window Approx. Rs 200/ Square Feet - Rs 350/ Square Feet