Foster+Partners’ new office setup in Dubai opens up

By: | July 25 , 2022
Foster Partners

Foster+Partners, based originally in London, have successfully managed to open a regional office in Dubai to serve as a base for projects in the Emirate. The office, located in the Dubai Design District, is the fourth building designed by them, the previous ones being The Index, which was commissioned in 2004, followed by two new stores for Apple. The brief time period between the opening of their last project, the Apple Dubai Mall in April 2017, and now, only goes to show the progress being made by the studio. The Head of Studio, Gerard Evenden, during a press release for the same, was quoted as saying, “Dubai is emerging as a global hub for the design and construction industry, exemplified by the varied scope and breadth of our projects in the region. We have been heavily involved in a number of projects over the past two decades, from the Index Tower that opened in 2011, to presently working on the Dubai Design District Creative Community and Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation (DIDI); office developments such as ICD Brookfield Place and the new Mobility Pavilion for the Expo 2020. The opening of our new office in the city reflects our commitment and belief in Dubai as a centre for design and innovation.”

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Project : Regional Office, Foster + Partners
Location : Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Architects : Foster + Partners, London, United Kingdom

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