What are The Types of Ceiling Materials?

By: | March 23 , 2023

There are various ceiling materials available in the market to give you a roof over your head and a sound one. Some of these materials have been used since time immemorial and some are newer and many are a combination of the old and the new to give a rich feel to your house.

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We start with wood


Wooden boards can be used to make a strong, durable, and appealing ceiling or maybe strategically placed to add interest to another otherwise plain ceiling. Many types of decoration molding can be used and is made from wood. You can have a sloping roof made of logs of wood and covered with brick tiles which prevent rain and snow from coming.

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Plaster and Plaster Board


Plaster has been used over the centuries for making a plaster ceiling several layers of plaster paste are put over strips of wood. This can then be decorated with paint or more plaster giving a smooth, hard, attractive surface. Plaster Board is made of similar material but is cheaper and easier to install because you don’t have to wait for several plaster coats to dry. Plasterboard is normally pre-fabricated into sheets that attach to the ceiling with screws and then are sealed.

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This is another important ceiling material used for structure and décor. A false, drop, or suspended ceiling hangs below a pre-existing ceiling. This hides pipes or controls sound in a noisy neighborhood or around an office. These ceilings are made of wires and a metal grid that holds tiles. It also has a decorative tile. Also has a decorative ceiling found in embossed tiles or sheets.


Ceiling tiles are lightweight and made from a wide variety of materials such as plastic, metal, fiberglass, fiber, wood-fiber, vinyl-coated gypsum, and even cork. This is done mostly by designing fall ceilings, and also sticking to a ceiling. Also, control noise levels in a room.

Fall Ceilings


It is provided below the roof slab on suspended supports. FC is usually provided for temperature control, light installation, electrical stuff, and other networking cables and too high ceilings.

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Types of fall ceilings

  1. Gypsum ceilings
  2. Plaster Ceiling
  3. Fiber Ceiling
  4. Wooden Ceiling
  5. Glass Ceiling
  6. Metal Ceiling
  7. Synthetic leather or cloth ceiling

1. Gypsum Ceiling:

Gypsum Ceiling

Is a hydrated sulfate of calcium and is lightweight. The insulation is good, fire resistance, soft, and thermally insulated. These are square boards that one can hang with the help of an iron framework. The finishing work on these boards like paints and laminated wallpaper comes to good use.

2. POP(Plaster of Paris):

Gypsum heated to a certain degree has attractive value and no maintenance and has a long life span. These ceilings hide ugly members of the structure, ventilation ducts, and conduits but also give a smooth finish to the ceiling.

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3. Fiberglass Ceiling:


It is in high demand. The construction of false ceilings due to low cost and least installation. Fiber ceiling panels are man-made synthetic fibers and some natural minerals. They come in many shapes and sizes.

4. Wooden False Ceiling:


False ceiling is used for its natural texture and pattern. It is pleasant to the eyes- popular. Since it comes out expensive it is not used in hospitals and malls. Given various finishes, painted to get the right look.

5. Glass false ceiling:


Non-crystalline material- brittle and transparent. It can be made nonbrittle and nontransparent using admixtures. As glass is a good insulator of heat. It can be used as a false ceiling. Improves aesthetics of the building.

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6. Metal Ceiling:


Metal is hard, durable, and used extensively in false ceilings. When the material surface is polished. It gives a strong surface which is a treat for the eyes. Metals used- Galvanised iron and aluminum. The ceiling is not so costly and easy to install and access. Construction cost is low because maintenance is low.

7. Synthetic leather or cost ceiling:


Man-made material can be given any shape-design which improves the aesthetic view of the interior of the building. As they collect dust and have low light transfer properties, used in temporary tense or other temporary buildings.

So, here was an overview of some ceiling materials. I hope it will be useful to you.

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