Space efficient –that’s the first thing that comes to your mind while considering about sliding doors for your home. Interior designers are continuously incorporating sliding door designs to convince the home owners how they are easily operable and provided lots of space. You might feel that sliding doors look odd, especially for bedroom, kitchen and living room, but the wooden and glass sliding doors not only look fancy and elegant but also let you create a new dimension to your house. Let’s see how. Sliding door designs for bedroom No matter whether you have a minimalist bedroom or a relatively clustered one, the sliding doors can be easily complemented by the sliding door wardrobe designs. Just as the sliding door wardrobes save space and look chic, the main door too will look awesome.

  1. Floor-To-Ceiling Glass Door To Balcony The Floor-to-ceiling windows always look stunning, especially if the view outside is worth seeing. Similarly, the sliding glass doors spanning floor to ceiling look offbeat and unique while giving a depth to the interior so that the room looks bigger. With the framing only on edges, the door gives extensive view outside and lets you have easy access to balcony.
  2. Multi-Utility Wooden Sliding Door If you want a rustic touch to your bedroom, try to incorporate a wooden sliding door design for bedroom that offers dual access to both living room and bathroom. The distressed paint on the wooden door would add to the charm if the interior has a warm whitish complexion. This design is cost-effective too as you don’t need to add separate doors for the bathroom and living room. Living rooms are attached to the kitchen, bedroom, kitchen, and the outdoors. By adding a sliding door, you can easily move in between.
  3. Sliding Glass Doors To Patio Nothing looks livelier than the sliding glass door designs integrated with the sun-kissed outdoor patio. The polished wooden frames add to the warm look while the glazed and transparent glass doors can be easily slid to move in between the patio and living room.
  4. Sliding Doors With Multi-Access If you have a large space for the living room area, the best sliding door design for the living room will be to add two large wooden sliding door panels which would look stunning even while closed. With access to bedroom, kitchen or staircase, the doors can be opened accordingly. Sliding doors for kitchen might seem odd as you tend to ignore designing this part of the house the most. However with a sliding door between the dining area or bar area or living room, you can make those dinner parties enjoyable than ever.
  5. Transparent Sliding Door Between Kitchen And Dining Space In order to create transparency between the ones sitting on the dining table or at the living room and the one practicing the culinary skills, the transparent glass sliding door design for kitchen will be the best option. Stainless steel or hard wooden frames ensure steady operation of the doors. While the visitors or dinner invitees can check out the action inside the kitchen, the one inside kitchen can easily interact with them by sliding in and out effortlessly.
  6. Frosted Sliding Door Opening To Living Area While many would want to keep transparency between kitchen and other rooms, those with a bit messy kitchen would not wish so. Many tend to get messier while cooking and don’t want others to see their action at kitchen. For this the frosty or patterned sliding glass door designs will work the best. With all these ideas for all requirements, you can make the best out of sliding doors in living rooms, kitchens as well as bedrooms.