Brick cladding designs help accentuate the décor of any room while lending it a nice contemporary, country look ambience. Applying bricks to the wall can sound counter productive at first considering the amount of time it requires to plaster and paint the walls. However, they uplift the mood of any room while giving it a nice royal appearance as well. Brick walls and modern houses seem to be an odd combination at first but with the right design and treatment, a brick wall can help add a look of timeless charm and rustic antiquity to your interior or exterior walls. They help add a bit of freshness, elegance and personality to otherwise boring interiors laden with glass or stone.

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Brick walls have taken the world by storm and have the uncanny ability to suit both modern or traditional decors equally well to help add character and a sense of underlying sophistication. Besides, they are extremely durable and can withstand adverse weather conditions as well with equal panache. Through this blog, I will highlight some popular exterior and interior decorative brick cladding and stone brick cladding designs. This simple yet elegant design can come to life with the aid of some well-deployed lights which could further help highlight the textures of your stone theme while also assisting in emphasising its beauty and its character.

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This rustic brick wall does not only look clean and chic but also helps in creating an illusion of spaciousness and harmony between the elements and the ceiling. Stone interior walls like these can bring a multitude of benefits to your home decor while creating a peaceful atmosphere. Natural wood and painted brick walls create a lovely contrast in the relaxing living room. An all-white look helps lend your living room a cleaner and more contemporary look while giving a cloud-like appeal as well. It also has the ability to brighten any décor while giving the room a larger appearance as well. White, painted brick walls help add a bit of drama to the otherwise cheerful, light and breezy ambience The stone effect can appear to give a room a cold vibe but the truth of the matter is that stones are the best natural insulator which helps any room to retain the warmth. This helps keep the backdrop distinctly neutral while adding loads of character and texture to the room. Here the bricks help create a vivacious vibrant living room with a fabulous brick wall backdrop

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Made of multiple styles and stone, you’ll ensure liveliness and personality in your home. This gives your bedroom an aesthetic look even while turning the brick wall into its one true showstopper! One can never go wrong with the classic red brick wall and it seems perfectly at home in contemporary houses.

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Dark brick walls in grey or black will always grab your attention and be the subject of your neighbour’s envy. This brick wall’s minimalist approach is eye-catching, a bit dramatic and can even provide a beautiful backdrop for the outdoor seating area. The subtle blend of materials and natural colours is spot-on for the contemporary rustic look.

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This outside seating area has a mid-century sort of feel, while the white rustic furniture pieces give it a classical vibe. You could even try adding some artwork, a low-lying coffee table and vintage decor additions to add more character and texture to this room. This unique pattern gives the wall a natural and earthy appearance while having the ability to suit any décor be it a contemporary, modern interior to rustic ranches. The exposed brick wall offers a distinct and eclectic backdrop that lets you showcase your knick-knacks or cherished art collection proudly in your bedroom.

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This unique brick archway complements the wrought iron gate exceedingly well and really gives it that edgy, street vibe. Reclaimed bricks help bring interesting textures and a mixture of colours to the garden, allowing them to be seamlessly integrated with other materials.

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