The high price of wood has resulted in several homeowners switching to metal doors and windows. Not only are they strong and durable enough to hold glasses in place, but are also extremely functional, maintenance-free, while seamlessly complementing the clean lines of contemporary design. Aluminium door designs and steel door designs, in particular, are a popular choice for modern doors and windows owing to a wide range of customizable designs and patterns as they can be designed in any shape easily with minimum wastage. They are also free from rotting problems while being fire and weather-resistant as well. Here are some popular designs you can opt for when you’re planning your next rebuild.

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This steel window door combo with a small divider tends to give the entryway a distinctive look without going over the top. Black-framed doors can merge interior and exterior style with style and panache. Black aluminium or steel-framed windows and doors on the exterior are guaranteed to make your neighbours go green with envy. This beautiful black anodized aluminium window is a great way to minimize the space taken up by a window that swings its full width into a room. Black-framed steel doors are scene-stealers and act as the perfect passage doors while adding visual interest that you can’t beat. This door’s vibrant new paint job gives it a contemporary boost and blends well with the louvre windows on the side. The black designer finish also really highlights the beautiful, classic design while lending it a nice arty touch.

This unique sliding doors closes off a bedroom in a triangle-shaped formation to give the room a touch of class. Here the walls, trim and door are all given the same white treatment so that the door blends in with its surroundings. With its clean, contemporary lines blended seamlessly with its uptown mix of sleek, natural materials, this steel door is not only inviting but also gives your abode a modern edge. Create a warm welcome. Turn your front door from ordinary to inviting by giving it the aluminium treatment. The suave white door looks particularly striking against the backdrop. This slender steel door is not only functional but also utilitarian, and the thin profile highlights the visual connection to the outdoors rather than a bulky frame and hardware assembly.

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Another classic example of bi-fold sliding doors, these aluminium doors definitely makes the room more spacious while serving the purpose of bringing the great outdoors inside.

This aluminium based frame, door and side panel set is a perfect blend of class and opulence. The frosted glass panels add another layer of interest to this very different and obviously custom designed door. Although steel frames are slightly more expensive than both timber and aluminium frames, blackened steel like this one has an imperfect finish, as opposed to the smooth finish of aluminium, that delivers texture as well as visual appeal, particularly when blackened. These aluminium doors serve as large windows when closed, and when open, they disappear entirely, blending the outside into the inside.

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