Windows are a special element inside a home. The more windows there are in a home, the better ventilation there will be. Moreover, uPVC windows are good also because they allow homeowners to be creative – in decorating them. Opting for the right kind of window design can make a world of a difference to the overall appearance of a room. If the room is small, strategically designed windows can give the illusion that the room is in fact larger in size. Trends in window designs have evolved significantly in recent years. Wooden window designs, in particular, are very much in vogue today.

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These wood windows comprise of two operable sashes, which can be made to slide up and down. If you have traditional window grills in your home then, take our word, double-hung wooden window design is your best bet.


Another alternative and equally attractive wooden window design is the single-hung option. This is similar to the double-hung window design, however the factor of difference is that the top sash is prefixed in place, and that is the reason why single-hung wooden window design is an apt pick for those on a budget. Yes, these aren’t very expensive.

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If you have windows in your home that have short wide openings, then awning wooden windows are just appropriate for your room. This window design is hinged on the top, and swing outwards. As a result, you can keep your windows open in all weathers but not when its pouring heavily outside.


For windows which have openings that are tall and narrow, casement wooden window design is the answer. Casements are an ideal choice as these are wood windows that are pivoted on the side, and swing outwards. This particular wooden window design is suitable if you’re fond of enjoying unobstructed views from your windows.

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There are people who are sticklers for having windows that are easily operable. Well, if you’re considering for a wooden window design that is easy to work with, go for the gliders. This window design is apt for anyone that likes to enjoy great window views, and windows that open and shut easily. The USP of this kind of wooden window design is that they are just like sliding doors. And furthermore, they look just like picture windows when opened.

Picture Windows

Speaking of picture windows, these are a great preference for wooden windows! If you’re somebody who doesn’t like too much light penetrating into your home interiors, well, then sign up for a picture wooden window design. The specialty of this window design is that it is particularly difficult for light to come in – if these are in the way! This design consists of wooden window panels that are fixed, and are inoperable.

The price ranges of all these wooden window designs are diverse obviously. Depending on personal preference and budget limitations, you could deploy any of these designs and add a more “designed” feel to your home space. Moreover, to reiterate, window designs are a great way to beautify your home, and the play of light and air makes it all the more appealing! And did we tell you? Well-placed and well-designed wood windows enhance energy efficiency. Windows are an important aspect of homes and offices. The apt design choice can lend your home a definitive style statement and value. They add freshness and air of versatility in the surroundings. All the more reasons for you to spend quality time when you go ‘window shopping’ next time. There you have it. All the more reason for you to opt for wooden window designs for your home! Good luck with the choice you make!