Modular Kitchen Designs:

We Indians are simply foodies and are also passionate about cooking delicious meals. While we spend a lot of time in our kitchen it needs the best detailing and a flawless look. One of the modern kitchen designs is the rich modular kitchen designs will brighten up your entire home interior. Modular kitchen is all about spacious, high end, healthy and perfect organization. Modular kitchens are extremely famous due to the transformation it can bring to your home. The design of modular kitchen is stylish, modern and manageable which will turn your kitchen into a paradise. From the ample of designs for modular kitchens, choose the most suitable and high end designs for your home. Let’s explore some of the trending and extraordinary modular kitchen design ideas you can try out.

Choose a spacious and well planned modular kitchen design:

If you have a great space for designing your modular kitchen, the best thing to do is, utilize each and every part of the kitchen smartly. Make the kitchen look flawless while organizing your kitchen accessories in an appealing way. For a rich décor and elegant modular kitchen look, utilize the space for accommodating drawers, plants, accessories, and tools, etc.

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1. Plan and path your stylish drawer system

One of the most trendiest and helpful drawer designs is the pullout and press-in drawer systems. With a single slide, you can pull and push things out of your drawer. These drawers look adorable and use little space. Along with this, you will get multiple compartments to store the kitchen accessories flexibly. For small and trivial kitchens, the best way to save space is organizing the drawers smartly.

2. Add a personal touch and minimalist look to your kitchen

Everybody has a different style of organizing things. Once you are aware about the dimensions of your kitchen plan the requirement of drawers, countertops, tables in the kitchen. Place them into the correct area and it will make the kitchen look more spacious while also accommodating all the necessary elements. You get the flexibility to add a unique personalized touch to the kitchen and that’s the best part of having a modular one!

3. Try extended countertop and open shelves

One of the trendiest designs for a modular kitchen is to utilize extended and custom-designed countertops. You can choose L-shaped countertops which will increase its space and let you accommodate more things on it. Open shelves are the most stylish and unique shelves which you can use for your modular kitchen. Especially for storing jars with tags, this is the best idea. Store jars for tea, sugar, salt, and such items on the open shelves and pick them easily whenever you need it.

4. Redefine the compartments and areas of your kitchen

When you get such a spacious area to explore, use your smartest ideas and shape your kitchen beautifully. To give an enticing and innovative look to your kitchen, cover the three sides with drawers and keep one side open for a countertop. Arrange some chairs or heightened stools for tea time arrange the drawers in a way that doesn’t interfere with your cooking. You can also stack up drawers to save space and give a modern look to your kitchen.

5. Choose the most ravishing lights for your kitchen

A bright and beautiful kitchen has an impressive charm. Whenever you step into a perfectly lightened kitchen, you will love it. So don’t miss placing the correct lighting in your kitchen. Cover the main cooking area with bright and strong lights while using some dim lighting under your drawers and countertops. These are the modern lighting options that will grace up all the areas of your kitchen. You can also accommodate wall stickers and claddings which complement the lightings.

6. Arrange a concealed super-private corner

There are so many different kinds of modular kitchens that offer spacious kitchen organization, take the advantage of such rich organization and arrange a private corner. Either it is a stylish and small triangle corner or wall corner where you can arrange some more types of equipment, prepare your favorite private corner.

7. Choose extraordinary lighting for your cabinets

Each corner of your kitchen must reflect style and elegance. To showcase beautiful lights and to find the equipment easily, it is important to get bright lights. Nowadays, we have cabinets with built-in lightings. Also, we have dim lightings which can brighten up the corners and base areas of your modular kitchen.

What are the best color options for designing a modular kitchen?

The color of your kitchen directly reflects your personality and choices. You can choose different themes and color your kitchen with multiple shades. Here are some color suggestions which you can try for your brand new modular kitchen:

1. Choose soft or white shades for elegant appeal

If you want to make your kitchen look peaceful, elegant and modern, choose the soft shades. For a neat and tidy look, people prefer white, cream, lavender, yellow, baby pink etc. Also add some plants and crockery with matching shades to make the kitchen look more inspiring.

2. Choose yellow and orange-based shades for a stylish look

Yellow and orange shades are flawless. If you want to give an immensely appealing look to your kitchen, choose yellow, orange or red-based shades. These shades provide an intensive modern, chic style and ultra-stylish look to the kitchens.

3. Select dark or woodsy shades for cabinets and walls

You can match your cabinets and walls using dark shades. Some of the popular and stylish-looking shades are mahogany, charcoal, grey, etc which will give an industrial and intense look to your kitchen.

How to design the small kitchens?

Well, if you have a small modular kitchen, there are different ways to make it look big and store multiple accessories with ease. For making your modular kitchen look stylish and spacious, you can follow the below-given tips:

  • Choose a white shade and paint the walls white to make the kitchen look huge and neat
  • You can color the drawers and cabinets with dark shades like mahogany, deep green, charcoal, etc to give a spacious look to your kitchen
  • Use the technique of drawer stacking to make the smartest use of the space and arrange the tools easily in drawers
  • Use extended platforms and countertops to increase the space and accommodate more items on the countertop