Kitchen Tiles Design:

The first thing that catches the attention in the kitchen is the tiles. Consider the walls tiles or floor tiles, tiles are the inseparable part of modular kitchens. Previously, porcelain and marble tiles were used widely for kitchens. However, nowadays we have ample of gorgeous tile options to choose from. If you are looking forward to change the look and appearance of your kitchen, change your kitchen tiles first.

Here are some of the modern and trendiest kitchen floor and wall tile designs that will captivate your attention for sure!

Beautiful cedar glazed porcelain kitchen floor tile

If you have a beautiful spacious kitchen with a lot of Asian accent, here is a flooring idea that will perfectly suit your kitchen interior. Combine the wooden furnishings with the cool glazed porcelain tile for a perfect wooden polish. This will give a rich and appealing look to your kitchen.

Patterned large ceramic tiles

The ceramic tiles add a very colourful and unique touch to the kitchen. If you like something extravaganza, here is a colourful and modern option for your kitchen tiles. Choose large ceramic tiles for your kitchen floors and this will simply make your kitchen look adorable.

Textured marble tiles for kitchen floors

Marble tiles are highly durable, provide a soothing sensation on the floors and also provide a very rich loo to the floors. Especially, the textured and colourful marble tiles are awesome and you can choose some of the best colour combinations to make the floor look eclectic.

Luxurious vinyl tiles

The best part about vinyl tiles is that, these tiles can completely transform your kitchen. Apart from being highly long lasting and budget friendly, the vinyl kitchen floor tiles also provide a very luxurious and rich look to the kitchen floors. Choose different textures and colour combinations to make your kitchen floors look designer.

Beautiful old stone kitchen tiles

If you want to give a very traditional and rustic appeal to your kitchen, here is a fabulous option to choose. The stone tiles are highly contemporary and would give a rustic and traditional feel to your kitchen. Especially, if you have wooden or stone furniture in your kitchen, this is one of the classiest options.

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Thin and classy porcelain kitchen wall tiles

People nowadays love minimalist and elegant looking tiles. For this, you can try the rich porcelain tiles for your kitchen walls. The porcelain tiles are thin, sleek and ultra stylish and also provides a rich finishing touch to your kitchen. Choose some light and pastel tile shades and elegant lightings if you have wooden furniture and fixtures in your kitchen.

Super glossy ceramic wall tiles

Ceramic tiles are fabulous and provide a rich glossy effect to the kitchen walls. Ceramic is one of the materials which can be turned into a shiny, matte or polished tile. You can choose sober and elegant tiles for making your wall tiles look more relevant to your kitchen furnishings. If you have a modular kitchen, choose the ceramic tiles with textured or patterned ceramic tiles that can enrich the appealing look of the walls. The ceramic tiles are long lasting and are budget friendly.

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Stylish stone wall tiles

Stone walls are the luxurious and ravishing wall tiles you can choose for your brand new modular kitchen. There are ample of stone options you can try for your kitchen. From granite to natural stone and from rustic stone to large French stones, you can accommodate rich stone walls on your kitchens and add some brightening lights to enrich the look of the walls.

These are some of the finest wall and floor tile options trending these days. Choose the tiles as per your kitchen’s interior and you will simply fall in love with the richness of these tiles.