Top 10 uPVC Doors & Windows Profile Manufacturers in India

By: | November 03 , 2022
uPVC Doors & Windows Profile Manufacturers

    Fenesta is one of India’s leading windows and doors brands and specializes in providing qualitative uPVC door and window design options in keeping with international design standards. The company has installed over two million widows in India, which have especially been designed to withstand India’s harsh climatic conditions. Fenesta assists clients in selecting the most suitable design after a thorough survey of the site, undertakes fabrication of the selected design, delivers the same to clients’ doorsteps and also facilitates installation. It also offers thorough after-sales service – all Fenesta products are backed by a comprehensive warranty.

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    Fenesta is a part of the 125-year-old DCM Shriram Group and was launched in the year 2002. The company has a pan-India presence that encompasses more than 20 offices, 9 studios and 100+ dealers. Fenesta is headquartered in Gurgaon and has manufacturing plants in Bhiwadi, Hyderabad and Chennai.


    Prominance is the World’s largest manufacturer of energy-efficient & weather resistant uPVC Windows & Doors.

    Prominance is the only uPVC Windows & Doors manufacturer to

    • Be certified by two of the globally renowned labs “BSI – UK” & “SKZ – Germany”
    • Have tested its profiles to over 19,000 hours of extreme weather to ensure the best quality.

    Prominance uPVC profiles by far surpass the European quality standards by a big margin in all the mechanical property tests.

    Prominance sources only the finest grade of raw material from European Fortune 500 companies. Our optimized production process delivers 100% lead-free & durable uPVC profiles for the Indian climate.

    Prominance has 70 window manufacturing units through our channel partners across India, with the capacity of 10 million Sq.fts of Windows per annum.

    Prominance is one of the most trusted uPVC brands utilized by several prestigious Real Estate Firms globally. We offer a wide range of precision-engineered uPVC profiles with various options of coloured laminated textures.

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    Koemmerling is an international brand by Profine GmbH, a global manufacturer of premium uPVC profiles for windows and doors. The German-based company was established in 2003, and also owns the brands KBE and Trocal. The company holds 20% of the global market share in the sector, making it a leader among the uPVC door manufacturers and window manufacturing domain. The company has its presence in 29 locations across 22 countries, and an annual production capacity of 450,000 tonnes. The company’s Indian manufacturing unit is located in Vadodara, Gujarat.

    Koemmerling products include uPVC profiles for doors, windows, shutters and facades. The company is known for the high quality of its products – all Koemmerling profiles are lead-free and have been especially designed to suit Indian climatic conditions.

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    NCL Wintech India Ltd was established as a joint venture between NCL and Adopen (Turkey) in 1989. Adopen is a global leader in uPVC profiles and has offices in 40 countries around the world. Today, NCL Wintech is a market leader in building materials, with offices in various important cities around the country. The company offers comprehensive solutions for doors and windows, and is backed by a reputation for delivering consistent quality.

    NCL Wintech has collaborated with prestigious construction companies. Its range of products includes steel, fire-rated and hollow metal core doors, in addition to a variety of steel and other metal products. The company is equipped to manufacture more than 7,000 tonnes of uPVC profiles every year and has a large network of dedicated fabricators to meet customers’ specifications.

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    Aluplast is a specialist in the manufacture of PVC window and door systems. The company is family-owned and was founded in 1982 in by Manfred J. Seitz in Ettlingen, Germany. The company’s Indian headquarters are located in New Delhi. The company is famed for its pioneering technological innovation, which has earned it the largest market share in the European uPVC profiles market. All aluplast laminations come with the assurance of improved performance and a longer lifecycle.

    aluplast products are created with an intelligent blend of plastics and aluminium, which elevates their design, adds a sense of individuality and enhances their security. These benefits place them far above pure aluminium windows. The foils are protected by the company’s patented pigments, which reduce the surface temperature of laminated window profiles.

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    The Indian arm of Veka AG Germany, Veka India is based in Mumbai and offers premium window and door systems to Indian customers. The Veka Group is a global leader inuPVC window and door manufacturing, with a presence in more than 40 countries. The company’s portfolio includes uPVC profiles for doors and windows.

    Veka is one of the world’s largest extruders of fenestration systems. The group has manufacturing units in more than 12 countries and associates with more than 2,500 fabrication partners to deliver a comprehensive range of services – from design and manufacturing to after sales. VEKA uPVC windows and door systems are known for their high sound and heat insulation values, and excellent profile thickness of more than 2.5 mm. These specifications are at par with international uPVC door and window design standards.

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    Rehau India Pvt. Ltd is a subsidiary of the German-based Rehau – a manufacturer of uPVC windows and doors and is best known for introducing uPVC systems to the UK. REHAU was founded in 1948. It brings together the very best of German design and UK manufacturing standards to create unique solutions that optimise form and function. Every REHAU system is stylish, ingenious and durable. The products also aim to help customers to make their homes more energy-efficient through the use of ingenious technology.

    REHAU is currently one of the largest extruders of high-end window and door systems. All their systems are designed and engineered in Germany, and offer low maintenance, enhanced security, energy efficiency and lower costs. The uPVC door and windows systems are exclusively supplied through a network of selected independent fabricators and installers to ensure the best quality standards.

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    LG Hausys specializes in windows and curtain walls, interior materials, automotive materials and high-performance materials. The company was established in 1947 in South Korea and now has a global presence with six branches in China, the US and Europe. LG Hausys is known for its functional, eco-friendly and sensible designs, which have captivated buyers in India and around the world. Today, the company owns the largest market share in India.

    LG Hausys uPVC windows are luxurious, with equal emphasis on appearance and functionality. They are energy-saving and soundproof, to offer customers an enhanced quality of life. The user-friendly design ensures that these windows can be easily used by a wide range of customers. In keeping with the needs of global homeowners, the uPVC windows and doors are termite proof, low maintenance, and water and UV resistant. The company focuses its efforts on expanding its range of eco-friendly, energy-saving, and customer-friendly products and services, all of which are backed by quality after-sales service.

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    Encraft India was as a joint venture between the DCJ Group and UK’s Halo Systems. The company is a leader in the manufacture of lead-free uPVC windows and door systems, all of which are made with eco-friendly, recyclable materials. The company’s products have been especially designed in keeping with extreme Indian climatic conditions, and feature excellent hardware and locking systems.

    The company prides itself on the efficiency and technological soundness of its products. The Indian headquarters of the company are located in Okhla Industrial Estate, Delhi.

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    Deceuninck is one of the top three profile companies globally. It produces an exhaustive range of uPVC profiles and window systems. The company has an extensive global network comprising 14 extrusion plants and 22 warehouses and reported a turnover of more than € 670 million in 2016. Deceuninck India offers a wide range of white and coloured uPVC profiles for new projects and renovations. It has 40 authorised channel partners serving customers across India.

    Deceuninck PVC windows and doors are especially designed for energy efficiency and user comfort – they offer excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, high security and a delightful palette of colours. The company’s products require little maintenance, are durable and retain their aesthetics over time, thereby adding to the visual appeal of the spaces they are fitted in. The company also offers double-glazed windows that are especially energy-efficient and are well suited to the needs of environmentally conscious customers.

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  11. LESSO Group

    The Hong Kong stock exchange-listed Lesso Group was founded in 1986. Today, it is a global leader in home-building materials and offers clients a wide range of products including uPVC profiles, uPVC plumbing products, sanitary ware, CP fittings, modular kitchens, and decorative plates, fire-fighting equipment, water purifiers, electrical switches and sockets and wooden doors, among others.

    Lesso India has already established itself as a leading brand of uPVC profile in the country. The company is known for its superior engineering solutions, which enhance energy efficiency and are more suitable for Indian climatic conditions. Lesso’s uPVC profiles offer security, strength and durability. The company focuses on a coordinated design approach, to enhance the aesthetics of customers’ living and commercial spaces. The products offer thermal insulation, sound insulation and burglary resistance.

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  12. KINBON

    Kinbon is a brand by Tianjin Jinpeng Group, a company with interests in the plastic profile, plastic pipe, aluminium alloy profile, pre-stressed pipe pile, polymer science and technology, international trade and real estate business spaces. The company is headquartered in China, in the Binhai New Area of Tianjin City. The company has received several certifications including ISO9001, ISO14001, GB/T28001-2001 and AMAA, for the high quality of its manufacturing standards. At present, Kinbon profiles have 90 percent of China’s market share, and are exported to more than 20 countries including the US, Canada, Russia, India, Turkey, Vietnam, South Africa, Indonesia, Thailand, Burma, Venezuela, Guatemala, Ghana, Brazil and Mongolia.

    Kinbon profiles are made of thermoplastic materials that have excellent acid and alkali resistance. Their uPVC doors and windows are low maintenance, weather resistant, energy saving, fire retardant, sound proof, termite free and environmental friendly.

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