Things to Consider When Choosing a Hinge

By: | September 27 , 2022
Things to Consider When Choosing a Hinge

While they are commonly connected with doors, hinges are also used in other applications, including windows, cabinets, briefcases, etc. Their rotating axis allows two joined objects to move across freely. At McCoyMart, we specialize in some of the best straps that allow doors to swing to close and open. Whether you purchase a door hinge or other applications, we will be able to provide you with the best range possible.

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There are a few factors that you need to consider before you purchase a hinge. It makes it easier to understand your requirements and shell out the money now, which will turn into a good investment later.

  1. The environment – The environment in which the hinge will be used is one of the main factors you need to consider. If you plan on using it in humid climates or outdoors, you must choose a rust-resistant material. Brass door hinges are an excellent choice for such a need, or you could even aluminium door hinges. This is because they don’t succumb to any form of rusting over the long term and operate smoothly. If they rust, then opening and closing the door becomes harder for you. If you live in a humid environment, this is one factor you need to consider seriously.
  2. The size – The size of the hinge is another factor you need to consider because it can play a significant role in determining the type. From concealed door hinges, which are generally smaller than ones that are revealing, you must pay attention to many factors. These can include the hinge height, hinge width, and the overall knuckle length. If the hinge doesn’t fit the objects you plan on using it with, you must choose another type to suit your needs better.
  3. The type – Generally, traditional straps are constructed using harder material like steel. This extends to glass door hinges too. However, some of these are made of flexible and softer material, which are called living straps. It can flex better and also absorb any shock that is produced by the pieces connected./li>
  4. Holes for fastening – Many cabinet door hinges might have fastener holes, and you must notice the number of holes and where they’re located. Most butt straps have only around four holes, which makes it a fine joint in most applications. You can also drive a screw inside the four holes and secure it in place. Other types can have up to a dozen holes with which you can create a secure and strong junction with the connected objects.
  5. Strength – This is another factor that you must consider while purchasing a hinge. If you’re planning on connecting more massive objects with the hinge, you need to choose a material that can withstand the object’s weight. Most of these tools that are heavy-duty are designed for applications of high-stress. They provide a much better strength level when you compare it with the other types of hooks. In case you need to place straps on the vertical lengths of any object, then the piano hinge is a good option. We have the same on our store, and these are also called continuous hooks and are mainly characterized by the elongated design. You can also get custom lengths to create a single flap that connects two longer objects than shorter, multiple straps.
  6. The finish – There are many finishes available for these products. Whenever you consider your door locks, knobs, levers, and other hardware, you must get a finish that is best suited. Once you’ve chosen a finish that suits your wardrobe door hinges or any other type, you can proceed to select the size which can be done by measuring the current hooks. Most straps generally come in the 3.5” size while doors can go up to 4”.
  7. The corner style – Most of these tools come in either ¼”, ⅝” and also squares. To make the installations easier, you must choose a corner style similar to the other existing hinges present on your door. One of the simplest ways to select this hinge is by taking any existing hinge and transferring the pattern onto paper with a pencil. At our online store, you’ll be able to find hinges for a wide range of applications. These include sliding door hinges, among other products. Depending on what you require it for, we’ll be able to deliver it to you efficiently. You can also purchase from a range of other products to make it easier to finish all your requirements.

You can choose from a wide range of brands such as Ozone, Hepo, and Supreme Hinges. Make sure you browse the various types before you purchase to get exactly the style that suits you the best. Good luck!

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