How to Decorate a Small Kitchen

By: | September 29 , 2022
Small Kitchen

Do up your kitchen, your way

There are many ways you can do up a kitchen. It’s a warm space, healthy and smart and wholesome. My “bua”(Aunt) has one of the happiest kitchens I have ever seen in my life. With family photos and reds and yellows and orange and pink lights and color and textures of all sorts in that little space forming a livid, living and vibrant painting. She is an artist, highly creative and also makes the loveliest slurpish meals full of her love and joy. Filled with life, the whole effect!!!

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So here are a few tips for you to use to make your kitchen a delightful space to work in, not clammy but cool, not large but homely.

  • A warm bright rug in an empty space gives a grandiose effect.

grandiose kitchen

    • Put a small painting or 2 or 3 in separate walls. The colors make it feel like another warm enclosure in the house.
    • Put in your cooking ingredients, spices, dals in matching jars on open shelves on the walls or on the countertops.
    • Hang wire racks to hold your goodies.
    • Display your chinaware , glasses, glaze pottery dishes, cups, mugs, serving bowls. If you need to remove some cupboards and doors-do it. You could even mix and match in assorted colors and patterns


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chinaware kitchen

  • One accented wooden wall gives a warm feel with some dim lights and some discrete cupboards would be great.
  • You could play with color if not wood. One wall with a startling blue on the tiles, a pink or orange for brightness and warmth.
  • You could have an all grey toned monochromatic feel. It’s a bit stark but may go with your pallet. When the warm sun glows on it, it brings much peace. Depending on your taste.
  • Stack your supplies and cutting boards on maybe so

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cutting boards for kitchen

  • me cake stands and platters to give a discrete, clean look.
  • You could color some cabinets, or cupboards with a bright note and leave the rest plain white or cream…

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kitchen cabinet

  • A countertop or a side slab could have two fresh fruits sitting there and a picture at the back. This gives an amazingly astute way of enlivening that kitchen space.

kitchen space

  • Subtle blue jars with some cookies and all the rest in some plain shade, walls, cupboards, cabinets can also be nice.

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cabinets for kitchen

    • Vibrant cabinets and a stitch of color on some happy chairs could be just the right amount of color you wanted.
    • Remember, the less the clutter the larger your kitchen will seem to be. Put some precise objects, china, vases, just bowls in strategic positions to give it a connection, clarity and space and vastness.


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kitchen clarity and space

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    • Use the space about the cupboards for various purposes, as you need to use every space possible artistically. You could display only some pretty objects or old style utensils over the top.
    • A beautiful, discrete lighting on the ceiling can be a focal point.
    • Add an interest window to talk to your family or kids while you are at your “This is it” meal.
    • Make your own kitchen island with a large or not-so-large working table. You can replenish this with cabinets at the bottom and maybe some other add ons to accommodate stuff and have another work area.
    • You could put in bold patterns in bright colors to give a nutty feel to your kitchen. Use prints of all types on tiles or cabinet doors to give an exotic feel.
    • Keep a shelf for books which you maybe reading currently or even recipe books.
    • Keep a comfortable chair in one corner where you can sip your cup of coffee and read a favorite book while you wait for your cake to rise in the oven.


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I hope this was an enlightening experience for you. It will go a long way for quick reference while you engineer yourself  a new kitchen which ends up pleasing your senses and relaxes you while you are at the job of cooking for your family.

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