Kitchen Interior Design Ideas for Small Homes

By: | November 11 , 2022
Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

The interior works of your kitchen

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Loads to do till you get bigger…..
Keep the clutter low
Pots and pans pegged on a dark pink or black wall
A heady small bar could be just what you need
A focal point, a vase of flowers so red and blue and white
In your grey toned kitchen
Which is pierced by the sunlight
Coming right through the big glass window
A corner, a chair with soft cushions
Could just about give you the kitchen of your dreams…

Here goes….. Some more stuff on how to enlighten your kitchen with the right patterns and prints, an ensemble….
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  • You could create a counter bar complete with stools or low seats and couple this with a beautiful, exuberant Kashmiri rug or any other.

Counter bar for kitchen

  • Have least clutter. Put in only a few delectables, exclusive pieces on your countertop or atop a shelf or cabinet. A potted plant, some wooden spoon in a jar, apples in a bowl….
  • Put in plants which are also air purifiers
  • Keeping a white base for your tiles, wall color, cabinets with popped in color. Some blue jars , some spices in glass bottles could just be right.

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Kitchen Cabinet

  • Add a rug in some part of open space. If your background is monocolour and pale you could brighten it with some warm colours.
  • If you want the kitchen space to look larger put in minimal stuff. It gives the illusion of a vast space.
  • Don`t select large or heavy chairs or stools. It is better to have low, light seating. That allows the space to look lightly done.
  • Put in wallpaper, a patterned backsplash and fresh flowers in a vase in some happy corner.
  • If you wish to put in an island table, stack it well with cabinets on all sides, maybe even shelves. A range or sink can also be fitted in and if you are 2 people cooking at the same time then one could be on the island range. You could fit in a seating arrangement with stools on one side.
  • Connect the kitchen and the dining area. This gives an illusion of more space and opens up both the rooms.
  • Put in a rolling ladder to access the ceiling height cabinets.
  • If you don`t have counter space for your artifacts do not fret. Put in a shelf on a wall and aright these-candles, vases, artwork. You could use white and grey tones to give your kitchen a fresh and happy feel in the home. A white herring board design at the splash back, on the tiles gives the place texture, an added input.
  • Sometimes the lighting through the windows forms the focal point.

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Kitchen Window

  • You could fuse in rustic features on your kitchen cabinets to give that extra push to your design. It could be tribal design or a rural painting which you could get painted on the cabinet doors.
  • White kitchen cabinets pair up very well with natural wood, shelves and flooring.
  • A collapsible table can be hung on a wall to give that extra space for eating as needed.

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collapsible table

  • A background of glazed subway tiles hung up to the ceiling can be very good.
  • Another combo is white cabinets and wooden worktops and open shelving and no tiles.

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cabinets and wooden

  • Have storage cupboards with maximum depth to stack in as much as possible. This will take care of your extra utensils and unclutter the space.
  • Putting the same color on walls, cabinets, countertops, floortiles creates the illusion of a larger space.

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  • How do you hide the microwave and other such appliances? You could put these in a series of pullout drawers one on top of each other.

So this was a tour through loads of ideas which you could run over in your mind as it goes click click click imagining, creating your ideal kitchen with its map ready for execution whenever it hits you.

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