Jammu’s Police Memorial- An ode to the police force

By: | July 22 , 2022

In an effort to pay due respects and commemorate the sacrifices of the police personnel for the country, the J & K Police Housing Corporation held an architectural competition for the design of the Police Memorial. Saakaar Foundation and Ashok Purie & Associates’s joint entry was declared as the winner. Indian Structural Engineer worked on the structural design for the same.

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The concept for the design emerged out of an outward projecting pylon structure, rising 20 m above the raised platform, supporting a symbolic canopy. Steel ropes were used for the same, helping to restrain the pylons in the middle. Under the canopy, in the centre, a flame is used to depict the life of the policemen. The flame has kept as a primary element providing light to the surrounding around with the water body it rests upon acting as the oil to fuel the fire. A black-granite pedestal holds a rifle and a helmet of a soldier which is a reminder about the braveness of the soldiers. No tall trees were used around the memorial to maintain the height of the memorial. Light has been used in a dramatic way to highlight the memorial and the landscaped site during night.



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