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Friction Stay

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A friction stay is typically applied in casement windows that are ordinarily used to adjust the opening of a window. A Window friction stay is designed by the manufacturers to suit the size, dimensions, and weight of a window. Friction stay is fitted to a window in pairs; one at the top and the other on the bottom.

Features of Friction Stay Window Hinges

  • Friction stay window hinges are available in the market in different variants based on its operations. Egress, easy-clean, egress – easy clean combined are a few variants of friction stay windows.
  • Most friction stay hinges are simple and elegant in design, which are preferred by all kinds of people.
  • When picking a window and door friction stay hinges various factors are considered like budget, purpose, modern aesthetics and other specific requirements of a customer.
  • A friction stay window hinges can be applied to the UPVC window. Friction stays UPVC window hinges can be used for replacing old ones as long as they match in terms of stack height, track width, and hinge length.
  • Finally, one can easily change friction stay hinge variant to fit restricted version when original hinges are standard and new screws for installing hinges are available in the market.

The window friction stays hinges are a must commodity for any home or office usage. The hinges are used commonly on top and side hung window designs. The availability of friction stay hinges in India is easy. The friction stay price varies from 350 to 500 hundred rupees.

Top Brands for Window Friction Stay Hinges

  1. Nico Window Friction stay hinges

  2. The material used in making Nico Friction stay hinges are of premium quality for its price. This brand of window friction stay is suitable for windows made of aluminum, timber, and UPVC. The best part of the Nico window friction stay is that it includes an additional pair with brass screws.

  3. Home secure window friction stay hinges

  4. If you are looking for a reliable brand of friction stay hinges then home secure should be your first choice. The brand offers one of the latest new corner feature product that lasts long.

  5. Securistyle window friction stay hinges

When we talk about quality securistyle window friction stay hinges leads the list. They are tough, durable and weather-sealed. The best part of this friction stay is that they can stay in an open position. This brand of friction stay hinges are made of thermoplastic components and undergo a test to last about 30,000 cycles.

Friction Stay Price List

Friction StayPrice List
Eco Wind Break Arm Set - McCoy Eco ARM-10" RIB For uPVC & Aluminium Casement Series - McCoy 8M
Rs. 89
Friction Stay Set for Side Hung Opening Series - McCoy Power Heavy Duty FS - 12” - McCoy 8M
Rs. 595
Friction Stay Set for Side Hung Opening Series - McCoy Eco Plus FS-08" - McCoy 8M
Rs. 140
Friction Stay Set for Side Hung Opening Series - McCoy Thunder FS - 22” - McCoy 8M
Rs. 586
Friction Stay Set for Side Hung Opening Series - McCoy Power Heavy Duty FS - 14” - McCoy 8M
Rs. 680