What is a Solid Surface?

By: | June 21 , 2022

Solid Surface is a man-made material used to create seamless counters of any size. Solid Surface is a material manufactured using acrylic resins and aluminium trihydrate (material derived from bauxite ore). Solid Surface was first introduced by the company DuPont under the patent name of Corian in 1967.Over the years several companies have come up with their own brands with different colors and finishes.

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Solid surface have the properties of being homogeneous, non-porous, durable, anti-bacterial, flexible, stain resistant and the final product has a joint free finish.

Solid Surface is preferred over natural stone because of its availability in a wide palette of colours and design flexibility. The material has a thermoformable nature; the material can be melted and can easily be converted into any fluid design form. Designers have the ability to play with the flexibility of the material and create different fluid design forms. Solid Surfaces is homogeneous hence it has the same consistency and colour throughout the thickness of the material. The material can imitate natural stone, granite, marble,wood and is available in a variety of  matte and shiny finishes.Many textures can be embossed on this material which makes it a very design friendly material of this century.

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