Don’t let your homes go up in smoke.

By: | August 26 , 2022

On 14th June 2017, a dreadful incident came about in London, within the Brutalist Style built, Grenfell Tower, that shook the Aluminum Façade Industry at the time. On that night time a fire broke out on the sixteenth floor flat of the Grenfell Tower, in no time the deadliest structural fire accident in the United Kingdom since the 1988 Piper Alpha oil-platform disaster, and it spread in the entire building, flooding each resident with heavy smoke and fire.

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Following an inspection, it was discovered that the building materials utilised in the cladding did not meet the required criteria. Although Fire-Retardant Cladding materials existed at the time, the regulations governing its usage were unclear and varied by country.

Fire-Retardant ACPs innovated with advanced technology is now used throughout the world to keep away from such incidents. Eurobond is at the leading edge of this motion, of manufacturing and promoting the use of Fire-Retardant ACPs.

A Eurobond ‘Fire Retardant’, is curated to avoid the spread of fire through facade. Realising the importance of fire safety, Eurobond started promoting their mineral-rich and metal core Fire-Retardant ACPs. Fire Retardant ACPs are designed in particular to stop the combustion of fire and contain its spread. Rather than the use of ordinary polyethylene polymer fillings, the cladding material is sandwiched with minerals that do not capture fire making it non-combustible, and when they come in touch with fire, they release water vapour that stops the fire’s growth. This chemical reaction allows for combating fire and saves lives.

As we realize that caution is the parent of safety, Eurobond is at the forefront of this movement for making Fire-Retardant claddings the norm in India.

Let’s recognize the Features and needs of Eurobond Fire-Retardant ACP:

  • Innovative Core
  • Non-combustible
  • Low Toxic Smoke
  • Safer Evacuations
  • Superior Strength
  • Everlasting Finish
  • Tested and certified.
  • 10 – 15 Years Warranty

Eurobond Fire-Retardant ACP is a revolution in Facades, making it secure in addition to captivating cladding material. Choosing FR ACP will help the architects to be more responsible towards society. Thus, now with the help of Eurobond FR ACP, Human life can be secured and valued.

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