Curved Laminated Glass vs. Curved Bent Glass

By: | November 01 , 2019

Curved or Bent Glass is widely used in many areas like stairways, shop fronts, walkways. They are a specialty glass and have to be installed with utmost care. Bent glass is used in the tempered or laminated form. The differences between the two glass in terms of properties and applications are –

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Laminated Glass vs. Bent Glass

  • Laminated Curved glass is considered as a safety glass , in case it breaks it only cracks and does not fall apart like in the case of tempered glass. Hence in areas where safety is a major concern laminated glass is preferred.
  • Laminated Glass consists of two layers of glass with a PVB inter layer. This acts a very good insulator of sound. In areas where sound insulation is required laminated glass is preferred over tempered glass.
  • Laminated Glass is a safety glass as in case of robbery it shall only crack but not break apart. Tempered glass can be ripped apart thus hampers the safety of the place.
  • The PVB interlayer is malleable and can be curved or bent to any shape, hence it gives a lot of flexibility to the process of glass bending.
  • Laminated glass acts as a protector against UV light.

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Hence we Curved laminated glass is a more preferred glass than curved tempered glass.

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