Top 12 Space Saving Ideas for a Small Kitchen

By: | September 29 , 2022
Space Saving Ideas for a Small Kitchen

Save space while you can, in your can can….

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What would not do,
For a little space within,
For a little space beside outside,
Right inside,
The kitchen.
It is small. What to do?
Can’t put in my big oven or some of my other gadgets;
Use a single bowl sink,
Store loads on the walls,
Use an island table with,
Several shelves and cabinets,
A pull out pantry if nothing else,
Remove the door,
What else!!!

So think upon these things, that you can do to look your little space looking bigger.

SO…Use a sink with a single bowl rather than two.

  • If you are using vintage woks and pans or let’s say pressure cookers find a discrete and corner space for them.
  • Mount pots and pans, sieves, scissors, knives and what have you with lots of racks or shelves or pegs to mount kitchen stuff. If you paint this wall black it gives an intentional conscious feel.

kithchen mount pots

  • An all in one island table with a sink , a cooking range, shelves with pots and pans, even a dustbin at one end and seating space at another end is a delightful construction.

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kitchen sink

  • A pantry which you can pull out at will would be excellent if you don’t have a traditional pantry space.

pantry space for kitchen

  • High gloss cabinets and a great occulent lighting and a glass door looking into your garden or a window of glass gives the illusion of a large space.

High gloss cabinets for kitchen for kitchen

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  • Ceiling high cabinets right to the very top helps you stalk even durables which you might not use everyday like a juicer or a barbeque grill or a momo grill.
  • Remove the door and make this space seem larger and let the kitchen space walk into your living room or dining room.

dining room

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  • Keep only the best old stuff, your fanciful cutlery, knives, plates, saucers, pots and pans, vintage is most desirable. For example: Old brass pans, bowls and glasses. Transparent pieces maybe of glass, make a room feel more spacious.
  • Keep a skylight window and this will bring light from outside enlarging your kitchen space with a ceiling that’s vaulted.
  • The window sills can be a little more than they are now and house your herbs. Kari patta, parsley, celery, lettuce, tulsi, basil, coriander and whatever else could give freshness to the room and seeing these through your glass windows, streaming sunlight on them would be a delight while you cook with their quaint smells merging with your cooking spices.
  • Do not clutter. It makes the kitchen look smaller. Put some beautiful pictures, handmade mugs, spice jars, fruit bowls at strategic place.
  • Build deep cupboards so that you can put in as much stuff as possible.
  • Build in the appliances into the cabinets or movable shells and cupboards. Too much on show will clutter space.
  • Stick stuff on the refrigerator door. Your weekly food menu, shopping list, to-do list with a magnet.
  • Keep the cabinets and drawers clean and organized. Hold on to the most needed possessions and keep each drawer neat and clean.
  • Vertical shelves instead of horizontal ones could be great space savers.
  • Install bins which fit into each other and can be cleverly stacked one on top of the other holding your paper, foil, plastic separately.
  • Use a mirror, ceiling to floor size at one end to give an illusion of extra space.

So here we have given you a few tips as to saving space and accommodating and keeping you comfortable and efficient if you happen to have a small kitchen. I hope it is useful. 🙂

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