What is a Vitrified Tile?

By: | September 16 , 2019

Vitrified Tiles are tiles that have very low porosity .They are made of quartz, feldspar, silica and clay. The combination of this material makes the vitrified tiles stronger than materials like marble and granite.

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  • The low porosity and water resistance makes the tiles widely applicable for the exteriors and commercial areas.
  • Vitrified tiles are resistant to alkalis, acids and scratch resistant.
  • The tiles have very high mechanical strength.
  • Vitrified tiles are uniform and consistent material. They are available in various designs that imitate those of marble.They retain their brightness even when exposed to external weather conditions.
  • The tiles are manufactured by the process of vitrification under very high temperatures resulting in a material which has very low porosity.
  • The tiles are water resistant hence they find their application near swimming pools. They might be slippery in the beginning but with time they are comfortable to walk on.
  • The laying of vitrified flooring is done very fast and the tiles are maintenance free.The floor can be used within 48 hours after the tiles are laid as they need no polishing.
  • The thickness of vitrified tiles is between 10-12 mm which is half as thick as marble and granite.
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