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Buy Fevicol Online At Best Price! | McCoy Mart

When it's a piece of the heel or a slide of wood or anything under the Sun, Fevicol has always been to the rescue. Though it falls in the glue category, it can never be compared to just any glue out there. Unlike other products, it can show results that last forever without a doubt. As a brand, Fevicol Products have been there for eternity, and there are hardly any stones, which they have left unturned. Be it for industrial purposes or the households, they have catered to every necessity on a larger scale. The way the carpentry trade industry works these days has a lot to do with their evolvement over time. The formula, mechanism, and composition of the wide range of products offered by them have made the mass accept them worldwide. However, several certainties must be taken into consideration before you consider the brand.

Top 8 Features That Makes This Product Best

Having made a place of its own in the market, it is quite evident for the Fevicol items to come with many features. Undoubtedly, the scenario is quite similar, and there are many features to tell you about. Here we are telling you about some of the highlighted features down below.

  • The Fevicol for Wood, which is designed for doing carpentry works and interior laminations, ensures that there is no scope of air entrapment and bubble formation while sticking woods to a surface
  • Offers quite a variety of glue options for the users to avail of, each for a different purpose
  • The Fevicol for Plastic can even withhold the objects which have great weight for a longer period
  • Simple to use for educational projects as well as for household repairs
  • Each product of the brand is designed quite creatively, which makes it easily adaptable for the users
  • The Waterproof Fevicol, which is known to be an excellent sealant, is used for various purposes that range from fixing, joining, and even used for repairing pipelines, cracks, and gaps, and cannot be wiped after a splash of water
  • It gives a variety of glue options to choose from according to the usage
  • Relatively easy to use and caters to everyone's preference

If You're Planning to Purchase Adhesive, Here's Why it is Among the Best Brands?

Being one of India's iconic brands, Fevicol has stood out to be the best one because of its quality. Manufactured by Piditilite, it had maintained a top-notch quality among the mass and made its footprints firm when it came to variety. Be it for your school projects or your furniture; the adhesive can meet every requirement. So, it would not be too hard to list down some of the reasons why it came to be known as the best brand.

  • Multiple uses

It caters to a variety of products, and thus the uses are multiple as well. From paper to furniture and more, it can be used anywhere and everywhere.

  • Variety

The variety that it has to cater to its benefits makes it count among the best brands. The brand has come up with specified products designated for specific surfaces. Using these particular products would ensure perfect fixing and excellent finishes.

  • Pricing

Fevicol Price is a significant determinant factor when it comes to choosing the ideal brand. From the beginning, the particular brand has kept a budget-friendly price that has intrigued the mass to purchase more.

Factors to Consider Before Selecting the Glue for Your Requirements

Though it is undoubtedly an authentic brand with fabulous products, you need to consider certain things while choosing the product for your requirement.

  • While buying Fevicol for Plywood

The product is widely used for wooden constructions and purposes. Be it a plywood work or working with woods, the adhesive comes to the rescue in every wooden work. These glue buckets usually come in Fevicol 50 kg or even more, which is comparatively more in quantity than the regular glue tubes we get to see. Keep an eye to check the weight of the bucket and the consistency of the glue. If it is authentic, the bond would stick to the wooden surface and would ensure a nice grip on it for quite a prolonged period. Also, checking the manufacturing details comes to great use as it might affect the adhesion capability.

  • While buying Fevicol for Paper

It is, by far, one of the most commonly used products of the brand. Be it an office, or a school, or just a study table, you would never see your stationery items complete without a tube of glue in it. Not only because of it's size, but it is also because of the prompt services it provides that makes people choose it over anything else.

  • While buying Fevicol for Laminate

Lamination work is absolutely in these days, and it can cost you a fortune if you want to get the carpenter glue. Instead, the particular adhesive works just like any carpenter glue and reaps greater results. However, while purchasing, make sure you are provided with a great applicator and check the quantity supplied. These usually come in Fevicol 10 kg buckets, which is quite a great quantity, so taking note of it before investing is very important.

  • While buying Fevicol for Thermocol

Do you remember doing school projects? Then you certainly cannot forget the adhesive you used on Thermocol to make those great models. These glues are different from the ones you use on paper and are made specifically to stick Thermocols. While buying, it is important to check the seal of the box and the manufacturing date.

Why Choose from McCoy Mart?

McCoy Mart serves as your one-stop solution for availing of any products of this brand. They have an array of products at their disposal, and they often come up with great deals and discounts to help you save some penny while shopping. So, what are you waiting for? Visit McCoy Mart now and avail of the products as per your requirements.