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What is wall cladding

Wall cladding is a process of binding or coating one material on the other in order to increase the strength of the material, to improve thermal insulation and weather resistance of the material. The common materials used for cladding are wood, aluminium, bricks, composite of different materials, fibres, recycles materials etc. The process of cladding increases the strength and stability of the end product and makes it ideal for domestic as well industrial projects. The buildings are properties are designed with cladding which makes it more attractive.

Types of wall cladding

There are mainly 4 types of wall cladding which are exterior wall cladding and interior wall cladding, bathroom wall cladding and kitchen wall cladding for residential purposes.

The exterior cladding is done to protect the exterior material from weather changes, moisture, rainfall and such physical damage. Stone and brick cladding is done in summers to prevent heat and temperature rise in the homes.

The interior cladding is done to design and decorate the home. The interior cladding will simply make your home look more designer, stylish and perfectly unique. Cement cladding and paints are done to make the house look beautiful and prevent the external weather changes to impact the atmosphere of the house.

Kitchen cladding is done to make the kitchen smoke free and also to retain the taste of foods. To maintain hygiene, different types of cladding materials are used. Similarly, the bathroom cladding is done to fight moisture retention and to prevent dulling of the walls.

Cladding design and prices

The most common interior and exterior cladding designs are:

  • Natural Stone cladding
  • Vinyl cladding
  • Brick cladding
  • Weatherboard cladding
  • Fiber cement cladding

Wall cladding Material Price

Prices of cladding depend on the type or design of cladding. However, the range for cladding is from 95/square feet to 500/square feet


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