Kitchen Island Design Ideas:

Be it a family dinner or a casual cocktail party, a cooking demo or a romantic candle-light dinner, the kitchen island plays a vital role in giving you a proper mealtime experience. Many out there tend to give least attention to the kitchen as this is the messiest part of the house. So, let’s give you some easy Kitchen island ideas to make your kitchen presentable and lively where you would feel like spending time.

  1. The Center Table A spacious table with tiled or metallic top makes cleaning up easier for you, while the wooden tall table adds up a rustic feel. If you have a small space, this table will be just the right thing for a cozy breakfast. Add stools which can be tucked underneath the table when not in use.
  2. Central Kitchen Sink The kitchen island with sink works double as both a workspace and meal area. The culinary enthusiasts will love to utilize it for washing your hands, utensils and food items. It offers efficiency during cooking.
  3. Cutting Table cum Bar Table In your kitchen island designs, get a butcher block supported by iron legs. Mince your meats, cut vegetables or prepare the dough of cake. Afterwards enjoy a fancy dinner while sitting on bar stools.
  4. Storage Table As we discussed, the kitchen table can be multi-tasker if you include a few racks or shelves underneath it. Stack your cookbooks, arrange your wine glasses or hang the spoons and knives on hooks attached on the side.
  5. Breakfast Corner Start your day with the warm-toned wooden breakfast table attached with the edge of the kitchen island. Eat-in kitchens are just the thing you would want to enjoy your food prepared beside your table.
  6. Choose bold colors An all-white kitchen interior does not go with the stylish kitchen island ideas so play a little with colors, bold ones like bright yellow, blue, maroon, tangerine or leaf-green. Create contrast with dark and light colors.
  7. Add Some Words Among the quirkiest kitchen island ideas, adding quotes, memos and graffiti is definitely worth a try. Use chalks to write something on the wall of the kitchen table. Put on some posters or calendar on the kitchen walls.
  8. Bar area Spare a pop-out bar area in your kitchen island so that the cocktail times can be more enjoyable in your kitchen than in your living area. Get some classy stools and store some wines, champagnes etc inside the rack.
  9. Kitchen Cupboard Your kitchen island ideas for small kitchen should definitely include a cupboard where you can store spare cutlery, crockery, spices, food packages etc. Tall or wide –choose according to your need.
  10. Stack Storage Baskets Whether keeping grocery bags or fruits and vegetables, the storage baskets should be kept beneath the kitchen table to avoid cluttering the island.
  11. Choose Your Stove Be it a contemporary design or rich rustic design, the kitchen island with stove should be chosen with security kept in mind. Keep the surroundings less congested to avoid accidents.
  12. Utilize woods Use wooden touch to complement the warm look of your kitchen island. Include wooden chair, center table, wood-finished cupboard.
  13. Keep a distressed Touch Among the offbeat kitchen island ideas, the wear-and-tear finish on the kitchen table will give them a rustic getup. Just apply a few brushstrokes of milk-paint.
  14. Use Strategic Lights If there is poor light above the kitchen island, your creation of culinary magic and having meal will seem dull. Add top lights with classy chandeliers or add a false ceiling with spotlights.
  15. Upholstered Chair An island-height upholstered bench or chair in your kitchen island designs will make dine-ins and brunches enjoyable and provide more comfort than bar stools.

With a minimal yet compact structuring, your kitchen island will be like your working nest where you can experiment with food, have a casual meal and sip drinks while reading books.