The exterior cladding of buildings is one of the most inspiring, expressive while also being possibly the most complex aspects of a building design. Stone is a natural element possessing colours and textures that blend well with any design style. Natural stone exterior wall cladding may be used to provide protection or possibly cover up an exterior wall while also adding beauty and resiliency to it. There are multiple types of cladding materials available today but natural stone cladding with its earthy look, easy availability and eco-friendliness can give the exterior of your home an appearance that’s unique and sturdy. Moreover, they are available in a range of vibrant colours and textures and also available in different types of stone including marble, slate, limestone, quartz and granite.

Exterior stone cladding is an excellent way to add distinctive style to your house and with numerous profile options and real stone surfaces to choose from, stone wall cladding will help you further customise your property. Stonewall cladding can also help improve a building’s overall thermal performance while being durable enough to stand the tests of time. The best part about natural stone exterior wall cladding is that only a true expert would be able to tell the cladding and natural stone apart from each other. You can contact one of the top experts here. Through this article, we are going to shed some light on some of the most popular exterior stone cladding designs.

A rugged stone wall helps add loads of character to most exterior walls and this is no exception. The addition of multicolour stones at alternative intervals helps enhance the overall effect.

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Stone veneers give your walls the look of high-end masonry work. The proper application of stone cladding gives this outdoor room, warmth and rustiness that painted wall surfaces just can’t match up to. Stone can create emphasis. In this minimalist outdoor space, the stone cladding treatment spans the entire length of the wall while also serving as the focal point of a thoughtfully designed space.

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Durable and lightweight, this natural stone veneer is designed to protect your home from extreme weather. Moreover, the Interlocking volumes clad in stone provides a texture that can easily enliven a home's exterior composition. Exposed stone adds elegance and organic charm to any outdoor space. The wall cladding’s rugged texture and character help add robustness to the home’s exteriors while also successfully capturing the colours of the surrounding material. The look is not only elegant but also quite befitting of a sprawling country estate. Cladding the exterior with two different materials makes for a different look. The rough texture of the stone wall cladding seen here can be a nice accompaniment to the adjoining wooden and metal accents.

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The stone wall cladding here perfectly complements the exteriors to create the perfect backdrop. The textures and colours blend with the stunning stone backdrop while exuding a natural rustic charm. The earthy vibe and stunning textured pattern of this wall cladding in shades of yellow and golden work well to enhance the aura of your exteriors. An irregular-shaped stone wall as depicted here just enhances the asymmetry.

This stone mosaic not only helps freshen up your exterior façade but is also eye-catching while adding a sense of cohesiveness. Adding to the drama is the perfectly manicured shrubs which also helps add a natural, yet unique charm to the entire scene. With its rich colour variations, textures and patterns, the stone cladding perfectly complement the great outdoors giving your exteriors an exciting look and feel. In this space, the scattered look of cobblestones looks simply exceptional.