Deciding Whether to Repair or Replace Windows

By: | August 03 , 2022
Replace my Windows

Repair or replace. That is the question….

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Repair windows

So how do you decide whether you have to replace or repair your window ?

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Replacement Warners:

  • The window is not opening and closing smoothly.
  • Not staying open on its own.
  • It is risky to keep around, like if there is a fire and you are starved of an escape and the window doesn`t bother to open, you are a goner. Or a thief calmly walks in, if the window had problems shutting and there you go…..!!!
  • In winters cold drafts are seeping in or convectional currents have set in and that sheer physical discomfort is enough to dismantle you and make you feel uneasy…
  • The rain and hale and storm maybe a breath away, the elements walk in.
  • The energy bills are descending on you like catskin, eating up your innerds with their propensity !!!!! Alarming!!!!
    So ,replace as soon as you can. Some pointers.

Continuing…Use storm windows on the inside of your windows . This can help. But these have to be replaced every season. May not bring down your energy bills, though.

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If you are using single pane windows, they are not much insulation and are less durable than Double pane or triple pane ones. Lots of heat will seep in during the dry summers making it hot and stuffy. In winters the cold outside will zoom in giving you great discomfort, especially in cold environments. So go in for DP or TP windows.

If your furniture and carpets are fading its because lots of heat and cold are coming in, taking a toll on these, so replace warner xxx!! The heat without ultraviolet protection causes this to happen. Low-emissivity glazed glass is also good as it reflects heat and UV rays from the sun.

The windows rotting, if they have wooden frames would be an obvious reason for replacement. The house will also get a shabby feel.

Lets look a bit at when to repair?

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Cracked or broken glass pane is there. You could replace just the pane. No need to replace the whole window.

broken glass pane

If you are using DP or TP and one strand, I mean one pane is cracking up or is broken you can dismantle and just replace that one.

If there is partial damage e.g. a pane lock is damaged or a casement window with a crank not working properly, you could just get tha` one repaired.

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If the caulking or weather stripping starts to come off , this will effect the energy efficiency leading to higher bills. The house will be harder to cool in the summer and harder to warm in winters. Replace the part which is falling apart.

weather stripping starts

If the window has become foggy you can go in for a cosmetic defogging treatment and could be helpful temporarily. Cheaper than replacement. Though the gas fill is affected and the same efficiency will not be there but the bills may not rise as much and the fog will go. The faulty pane can be replaced or the sealing repaired.

So this was a mild runthrough on things that would lead you to replacing or repairing your windows and an overview on some solutions……

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