UPVC Windows & UPVC Doors – The Ultimate Guide

By: | August 03 , 2022
Upvc doors & windows ultimate guide

Window and door technology has advanced significantly. Now a new set of doors and windows could increase the aesthetics and make your property much more secure and energy-efficient. As windows and doors withstand a lot of abuse from heavy rains, strong winds, and extreme temperatures, over the years they need replacement or repairs.

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  1. What is uPVC and use indoors & windows
  2. uPVC windows designs & styles
  3. uPVC doors designs & styles
  4. Manufacturers of uPVC windows and uPVC doors in India
  5. How to choose the best uPVC Windows and Doors
  6. Cost of buying a uPVC windows & Doors
  7. Advantages of uPVC Doors & uPVC Windows
  8. How to choose right hardware for uPVC windows and uPVC doors
  9. Installation guide for uPVC Doors & Windows
  10. How to clean and maintain uPVC doors and windows
  11. Current market scenario of uPVC windows and doors
  12. UWDMA guidelines for uPVC window and door profiles
  13. Conclusion

What is uPVC and its use in the making of Doors & Windows?

In recent times, un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride abbreviated as ‘uPVC’ polymers are quite in demand all over the world. It is a popular choice of polymer for the manufacture of uPVC windows and doors. This material is tremendously durable, long-lasting as well as cheap to manufacture. Also, the uPVC doors offer a variety of designs, patterns, and styles. With a wide range of options, uPVC windows and doors suit everything right from traditional properties to contemporary buildings.

uPVC polymer is mixed with various different additives and stabilizers. Depending on the qualities of uPVC windows and doors needed, the stabilizers and additives are keenly chosen. For the manufacture of high-quality uPVC doors and windows, special UV and heat stabilizers are added. With the help of the extrusion process uPVC window frames and doors are produced that deliver energy efficiency, superior performance, excellent insulation, and environmental sustainability.

Each uPVC windows and doors manufacturer has a special formula. Using the formulation, they build top-notch window frames that withstand and outperform as compared to the alternative materials available in the market. These uPVC windows and doors are stronger and more durable to offer high levels of security to your property.

uPVC Windows Designs & Styles:

uPVC windows come in a plethora of different styles and designs with functionality. These add a glamorous touch to any property. A well-designed window not only increases the aesthetic appeal but also brightens the interiors. uPVC windows are a great choice as they are easy to clean and maintain. Also, uPVC windows help in better ventilation, insulation, and energy conservation. Some of the Popular uPVC Windows Designs and Styles are:

  • uPVC Sliding Window: Easy to operate and versatile in style, this window is just perfect for walkways and decks.
  • uPVC Casement Window: One of the most popular window designs is the single or multi-pane casement Window. It offers maximum airflow in the room
  • uPVC Fixed WindowThese are also popular as ‘picture windows’ as they are stationary. These are chic non-opening windows and are deliberated to allow light into the room and to offer an unobstructed view of the outside.
  • uPVC Tilt Turn Window: Ideal for dual functioning, these windows bring in more sunlight and enable safe and controlled ventilation
  • uPVC Bay Window: It merges three or more windows to project out which means extra space inside the room. Also, it brightens the room by allowing more light into the property.
  • Louvered Window: For paramount natural ventilation and maximum vision and attractiveness, these windows are the best. This type of window is available in wide range of blade options.

Other amazing types of uPVC windows are Villa Window, Combination Window, Picture Window, etc.

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uPVC Doors Designs & Styles :

For every property, doors are the first focal point. Hence, many people now prefer to select doors which are high on style with impressive design. Also, property owners have to keep their homes safe and secure for which doors have to be strong with multi-point locking mechanisms. The perfect solution for attractive and durable doors is the uPVC doors. These reflect the top-notch latest advances in technology. They are made to measure to provide high levels of security. uPVC doors are available in various styles and designs:

  • uPVC Sliding Doors: They are extremely versatile and are most commonly used.
  • uPVC Casement Door: For classic door design, a uPVC casement door is ideal. They blend well with traditional aesthetics with chic functionality. These doors impart a charm to any property. Also, they have numerous security features and locks at various points.
  • uPVC Slide & Fold DoorThese windows are classic and effortlessly blend with the modern design. They seamlessly fit into even small space and facilitate smooth gliding and easy to operate features.
  • uPVC Tilt & Slide Doors: If you are searching for space-saving uPVC doors, then tilt and slide doors are the best available option. These doors are space-efficient durable doors designed in such a way that they are silent in operation.
  • uPVC Lift & Slide DoorOne of the popular choice options in lavish hotels, plush villas and luxurious bungalows are these trendy, chic and stylish uPVC Lift and slide doors. They offer undisturbed scenic views of the outside and blend smoothly with interiors.

Other uPVC door designs and styles are and uPVC Designer door. uPVC doors are available in wide range of color choices.

Top Manufacturers of uPVC Windows and uPVC Doors in India:

In a massive country like India, there are many manufacturers of uPVC doors and windows. So, choosing the best one as per you need is the key. Also, you may likely to come across different quotes and budgets from various manufacturers of uPVC windows and doors. Choose your budget so as to short-list the choices of manufacturers and dealers. Do not forget to ask for a warranty, repair services, etc. before finalizing the manufacturer. To check the quality of uPVC doors and windows, you can ask the manufacturers to provide a sample as the quality depends on in-house fabrication methods. Reputed companies provide samples. Choose the manufacturer which offers a variety of styles and designs as this will help you to enhance your property aesthetics and style. Investing in uPVC doors and windows from top manufacturers ensures stress-free services and high-quality windows and doors with attractive designs. Lastly, do consider customer service. Top manufacturers offer excellent customer service and works with the aim to achieve cent percent customer satisfaction. The company with best customer service has knowledgeable and talented experts which help in solving your queries. Opt for those manufacturers of uPVC doors and windows which provide services right from guidance to consultation and after-sale.

Leading Manufacturers of uPVC Windows and Doors:

If you need to get professional services and superior quality uPVC windows and doors, then always get the best deals from leading manufacturers in the industry. Some of the reputed companies are:

  1. Fenesta Windows
  2. Lingel Windows And Door Technologies Pvt. Ltd
  3. Window Magic
  4. Koemmerling
  5. Encraft India Private Limited

View the complete list of uPVC Windows & Door Manufacturer and also the top uPVC Profile Manufacturer Moreover, you can find more manufacturers list from the top cities listed below.

How to Choose Best uPVC Windows and Doors for Your House:

Whether you are renovating or building a new house, windows and doors play an important role in safety and security. Also, in this fast-paced life, high maintenance doors and windows are a big NO! uPVC windows and doors are the ideal solutions in this modern age. They are lightweight yet strong and resistant to peels, cracks, temperature changes and harsh weather. When choosing the best uPVC windows and doors for the house, top manufacturers which offer high quality should be considered. Deepening on the available space, the need for insulation and ventilation, etc, you could use the best design and style suitable to your needs. the uPVC window is available as single glazed, double glazed and triple glazed. Also, several varieties of glass such as normal float glass, toughened glass, etc should be considered.

In addition, the uPVC windows and doors have quality hardware and multi-locking systems which are crucial from the security point of view of your house. For better security, choose multi-locking systems and a double glazed laminated glass window for the home. If you live in a polluted and noisy area, then do consider sound insulation with double or triple glazed uPVC windows. uPVC doors are extremely difficult to break down which ensures high security in the home.

Cost of Buying a uPVC windows & Doors:

When compared to the other available materials for building doors and windows, the cost of uPVC is low. Also, uPVC windows and doors are very cost-effective as not only they are cheap but also long-lasting. Thus, in a long run, these are the best as they are resistible to rotting, peeling, etc. In addition, installing uPVC windows and doors means saving energy bills as they are energy efficient and save on bills by approximately 30% to 40%. Choosing the right uPVC door or window is critical but it helps to improve functionality and esthetics.

The cost of buying the uPVC windows or doors depends on a variety of factors like uPVC profile, hardware, components, the type of window chosen, etc. All these individual factors have a great impact on the final buying cost of the uPVC window or door. The cost of the uPVC profile component depends on various factors such as the manufacturer, etc. Generally, the cost of uPVC doors and windows ranges between Rs100 per sqft to Rs 250 per sqft. Likewise, the cost of reinforcement, glass, and hardware should also be considered.

Today, when all the factors are summed up, a basic uPVC Window with a simple uPVC profile usually cost approximately in a range of Rs 500 per Sq.ft to RS 2000 per sq.ft. So, choose the best as per your needs and budget!

Advantages and Benefits of uPVC Doors & uPVC Windows:

Installing uPVC windows and windows many advantages and benefits which include:

  • Durable: The vital advantage of installing uPVC doors and windows are they are extremely strong as they are manufactured from the superior quality durable material. They are long-lasting and tough.
  • Easy Maintenance: uPVC windows and doors require virtually no or low maintenance. These are waterproof and resistant to flaking, fading, rusting, rotting, or corroding. Cleaning them is very simple as an occasional wash with water or wipe down does the job!
  • Insulation and Environmental Friendly:Famed for providing high-level of insulation, uPVC windows, and doors cut the irritating high noise levels and maintain the ambient temperature in the room.
  • Energy Efficient: As they toll out dampness and extreme temperatures, with uPVC windows and doors you consume less energy which reflects positively on your electricity bills.
  • Security: uPVC windows and doors offer high-level of security when compared to the traditional windows and doors. These are made superiors in quality and are hard to break or force-open.
  • Hazard Resistant: The stable uPVC polymer is fire-resistant material and hence they are hard to ignite as well as it is sea-water and pollution resistant.
  • Cost: uPVC windows and doors are cheaper than the timber, wooden and other options.

Choosing Right Hardware for uPVC Windows and uPVC Doors:

Selecting the wrong hardware can shatter the window and door function. Hence, choosing the right hardware for any window or door is important. Hardware is the backbone of this system. The use of superior quality hardware in uPVC doors and window is very crucial for a variety of reasons. When choosing the hardware, it should be noted that they are extremely functional. So, always choose the maintenance-free material. Also, they should complement the stylish modern design of your uPVC windows and doors. Keeping in mind security and energy efficiency, you should choose multi-point locking systems for installing uPVC windows and doors. Also, the strength, durability, and quality of the hardware need to be tested. In uPVC Windows and doors hardware such as hinges, handle, door locks, multipoint locks, friction stays, threshold, and door closers, etc are used. Burglars always look for the simplest break-in method and they generally opt for windows and doors. Hence, use good-quality uPVC window and door hardware as well as special burglary protection systems. The lockable window handles prevent forced entry. In every house, multipoint locking window or door aid in preventing burglary as well as window insulation. Also, high-quality hardware gives the homeowners more confidence, peace of mind and aesthetics.

Installation of uPVC Doors & uPVC Windows:

It is always better to consult a qualified fitter and get the job done by the professionals. If you are tight on budget, you can easily do the installation on your own. uPVC Windows may require lintel above the window as they are not load-bearing types. Firstly, check the size of the ordered window or door. Remove furnishings or interiors if any so as to get a clear and clean working space. With a screwdriver and other tools unfasten all opening sashes. Then remove the glass or break it gently starting from the top inside corner of the window. After that break the plaster seal surrounding the window frame. Carefully, remove the framework or window or door away from the plaster line without causing any disturbance. After completing this, you are good to go for the next step which is fitting the uPVC window or door. Measure the door or window opening space using tape. From the measured dimensions, subtract around 1” / 2.5 cm, so that it fits in the door or window opening. In the case of uPVC windows, do not bend the frame by over-packing and always secure the window jambs. Position the glazing packer and seal after ensuring the glass is properly fitted within the opening.

Cleaning & Maintenance of uPVC Doors & uPVC Windows:

uPVC windows and windows do not require frequent cleaning and maintenance. But it is better to clean the window frames twice a year. Using an old cloth and paintbrush loosen the dirt and dust. Remove cobwebs if any. Then with the help of a vacuum cleaner clean the frames effectively. For deep cleaning, mix a little warm water and washing liquid in a bowl and wipe the window and door frames. Avoid using any harsh cleaners and abrasive cloths or sponges and cream. For stubborn dirt, use good solvent PVC cleaner.

Clean the glass whenever required so as to enjoy clear views. It is better to avoid cleaning in direct sunlight. For cleaning the glass use a damp cloth so as to remove any dust or dirt. Either use traditional glass cleaner or the e-cloths. If you desire to avoid using cleaning agents, then e-cloths come in handy. They are available in a pack of two of which one can be used for cleaning and the other for drying the glass. Use a spray oil once in a while so as to maintain the uPVC windows or door’s working parts. To keep the working parts smooth and easy move oil them every six months.

uPVC Doors & Windows Market Scenario:

On a global scale, there is an increase in demand for safe and well-designed windows and doors. To cope with this, many innovative ideas are tried with the help of technology to manufacture high-quality windows and doors. Beyond aesthetics, both doors and windows are functional. They help to property the property. uPVC doors and windows offer high levels of safety and help to optimize daylighting, energy conservation, insulation, pollution and noise control. As a result of these benefits over the traditional doors and windows, there is great demand for the uPVC windows and doors. These affordable windows and doors have tremendously increased consumer aspirations. Manufacturers provide premium quality products to help the clients who desire for a better lifestyle and living standards. The major demanders of the uPVC doors and windows in the market are the new building and housing construction agents and those looking for replacement activities. This has contributed to a substantial rise in the growth of this uPVC windows and doors market. Another important aspect of these uPVC products is their benefiting features, low cost, and resistance to fire, thermal, water, and wind. Also, they are corrosion-free and termite free. uPVC windows and doors are long-lasting and dustproof which has shifted buyers’ interest in this market.

UWDMA Guidelines for uPVC Window and Door Profiles:

uPVC Window and Doors Manufacturers Association (UWDMA) which is a non-profit body has drafted quality guidelines related to uPVC windows and doors. This will definitely help to prepare the archetype of technical specifications related to these products. As per the recent guideline, many important points are covered addressing the uPVC window and door profile. It includes hardware tested for functionality, quality parameters, strength, usage of galvanized steel, etc.

In this new guideline, UWDMA has specified to verify procedure and quality documents of the manufacturer and installation. To comply with Indian climatic conditions, this body has made changes in certain parameters and testability. Also, as per the profiles, the manufacturer should clearly print the profile so that the customer can identify the original manufacturer or the brand and they can check what standards are followed. Unlike the western countries, in India, there is non-adherence in standardization. Hence, uPVC products may lose its sheen. The main aim of this body is to strongly build the market for uPVC windows and doors. They also aim to get rid of sub-standard products as the market for these products is big and expected to grow enormously. With the recent guidelines, uPVC Window and Doors Manufacturers Association focus to set a new benchmark in this industry.


uPVC windows and doors is an enormously growing market all over the globe. People are taking a keen interest in purchasing eco-friendly, aesthetically appealing, and energy-efficient long-lasting products for their properties. uPVC windows and doors are definitely worth all the investment. These doors and windows come with multiple-lock systems which increase security and safety at home. In short, uPVC windows and doors are best for every type of house or property with respect to its cost and the plethora of benefits.

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