What is HPL sheet? Types of HPL Grades

By: | February 07 , 2023

In recent years, architects, interior designers, decorators, and engineers from all over the world have come to choose high-pressure laminate sheets over other materials. They are a great option for all kinds of organizations, from residential to commercial, because of their adaptability, toughness, fire retardant, and chemical resistant qualities.
They are created by mixing melamine resin with layers of kraft paper. Then decorative paper and an outer layer of protection are placed on top of these sheets. High pressure laminate sheets, which are molded and cured at pressures greater than 72 kg/cm2, offer a durable, dependable surface that is simple to maintain. Here, we’ll examine what are these and what are its features sets them apart from the competition.

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How HPL Sheets are made?

The normal composition of HPL sheets is 60–70% paper and 30–40% thermosetting resins. Overlay paper, ornamental paper, and kraft paper make up their three layers. The ornamental paper adds visual appeal through design, the overlay paper helps to improve abrasion and scratch resistance, and the kraft paper serves as a core material to regulate the product’s thickness.
Multiple layers of kraft paper are saturated with phenolic resin to create it. Before pressing, kraft paper is covered with a layer of printed decorative paper. Under the influence of heat and pressure, the resultant sandwich is sealed (more than 1,000 PSI). Due to the fact that phenolic and melamine resins are thermoset polymers, during the curing process, a cross-linking reaction turns the paper sheets into a single, hard sheet, converting the resin into plastic. It is durable because of the strong, irreversible bonds produced by thermosetting.
A composite panel is bonded to a high-pressure laminate using a variety of adhesives. Because they offer a solid, resilient, reliable, and affordable base, particleboard or MDF are the recommended substrates. These are a popular option for horizontal surfaces including floors, worktops, and desktops due to their endurance.

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Types Of HPL Grades

  • On the basis of thickness
  • On the basis of Usage
  • On the basis of the manufacturing process
  • On the basis of Surface Finish

This product comes in a variety of sorts or grades that are designed to meet certain performance criteria.

On the basis of thickness

  • Laminate sheets
    Laminate sheets, a popular surface material for cabinets, wall panels, and furniture, may be attached to a variety of substrate materials with strong-strength adhesives. They come in a range of thicknesses, from 0.6 mm to 1.5 mm.
  • Compact laminates
    These are made from many layers of premium kraft paper that have been coated with resin, dried, and then laminated on both the top and bottom. All three layers are crushed and baked to create compact laminates, which result in incredibly durable surface material.

    On the basis of Usage

  • Decorative laminates
    These are frequently utilized in luxurious residential homes and opulent business settings. They are readily available in a broad variety of colors, styles, and textures.
  • Industrial laminates
    These are more durable variants of ornamental ones, without too many cosmetic subtleties, and are frequently used in hospitals, schools, industrial facilities, and numerous other locations with special demands. They are more concerned with meeting the demands of the setting in which they are employed.

On the basis of the manufacturing process

  • High-Pressure Laminate (HPL)
    These are made by pressing the décor paper firmly against the craft paper, giving them a very durable character.
  • Low-Pressure Laminate (LPL)
    This is referred to as a low-pressure laminate since it is created by using pressure to press various types of decorative paper to particle board, plywood, or another foundation.

On the basis of Surface Finish

  • Solid
    Laminates with a solid finish are those that have a single, consistent colour. These are the most fundamental and popular kinds on the market, and they are widely employed in commercial settings and group housing facilities.
  • Metal
    For a sleek metal effect, these may be utilized in both homes and businesses.
  • Wood
    Wood is a luxurious material renowned for its unparalleled attractiveness. However, it has a number of downsides of its own, including being susceptible to dampness and termites. By choosing wood ones, you may have the premium-end appearance of wood without the hassles.
  • Abstract
    They have a distinctive appearance and feel thanks to patterns like those seen in granite, marble, natural stone, and other abstract designs.

Common usage of HPL Sheets

  • Industries: Due to their strong resilience to wear and tear and ability to support enormous loads, industries utilize this material in a variety of industrial applications.
  • Hospital and pharmacy: In hospitals and restaurants, where cleanliness is of the highest concern, these are frequently utilized. Bacteria and other diseases can’t grow on their surface.
  • Laboratory: In dust-free settings for circuit board production, electronic assembly, and other workspaces including hospitals, doctor’s offices, and labs, electrostatic dissipative are frequently employed.
  • Schools: The simplicity and robustness of this material are perfect for use in schools and other institutions. These have a long life and stay intact in heavy-traffic areas.
  • Toilet cubicles: Since this product is quite easy to clean and maintain, it is widely used in private as well as public Toilet cubicles, changing rooms, washrooms, and washing areas.
  • Commercial building: Large professional offices and other corporate settings where a subdued yet sophisticated appearance is required frequently utilise this material with a matte surface.
  • Shops: Gloss-finished panels are typically used in clubs, trade shows, showrooms, shops, kitchens, etc. It makes furniture more lustrous and is simple to clean.
  • Public buildings: It is considered one of the most durable and strong decorative surface materials. It performs well in public buildings.
  • Public bathrooms: Panels with a single solid hue are known as solid-colored laminates. On counters in the kitchen and bathrooms, they are useful.

Does HPL Sheet have interior usage?

  • Flooring: This material with a Wood grain finish or tile-like finish is made with a grain pattern that mimics genuine wood.
  • Cubicles: Along with durability and harsh atmosphere resistance, this modern and stylish product is used to make cubicles and cabinets.
  • Display: From display boards to standees, they can be used for spaces that need an aesthetically organized look and background.
  • Exterior balcony: This panel neither becomes too hot during summers nor too cold during the winters which make it suitable for balcony, patios, and gardens.
  • Furniture: Furniture elements including beds, couches, chairs, tables, etc. are frequently made out of this material. Its nature allows it to be post-formed, therefore different furniture can be made using it.
  • Doors: It is flexible to install at various places. It can also be altered or tailored to different sizes and shapes to fit every structure.
  • Window Sills: Since this material can be tailored to any shape or size, it can be used easily for making window sills, frames, or even doors.
  • Facade: Manufactured with modern, stylish, and innovative designs this material looks good in your favorite spaces like home facades.
  • Stairs: These are built to bear the weight of heavy pressure objects which makes stairs impact, scratch, and abrasion-resistant.
  • Ceilings: The ease of usage, flexibility, and versatility of this product makes it perfect for using for false ceilings as well as sound-proof roofing.

Does HPL have water-resisting properties?

High-pressure laminate has improved recital properties which makes it one of the strongest and most elaborate surfaces. It is a strong, long-lasting, and water-resistant material which makes it a versatile and waterproofing product.

What is the average lifespan of HPL sheets?

Premium-quality HPL sheets often last for more than ten years. They have a long lifespan due to characteristics like fire and abrasion resistance. However, the application has a significant impact on the precise lifespan of this product.

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