Marble vs. Travertine Flooring

    By May 23 , 2017

    Marble and Travertine are both natural stones from the limestone family. Travertine is considered to be a unique and high end material that is found in hot springs and limestone caves. The characteristics of Marble and Travertine are different from each other and accordingly one can opt for the appropriate stone for the interior or exterior space.

    Difference Between Marble and Travertine for Flooring

    • Travertine is a highly porous stone with holes visible on it. Marble is a porous stone but visibly it has a uniform surface.
    • Both Travertine and Marble should be properly sealed by treating it with sealants.In case this is not done the stone will become vulnerable to stains.
    • Travertine can be used for outdoor and indoor areas. It is non-slippery hence used as pavers, in patios and pool decks. Marble is suitable only for the indoors.
    • Travertine flooring is easy to lay. Marble flooring is very time consuming as after laying it has to go through the process of thorough polishing with different grades of stone .Both Travertine and Marble need routine maintenance.
    • Travertine is found in earthy colors like beige, brown, gold. Marble is found in colors like black, grey, green, white, beige. The veins on the marble are of a different color.