Single Pane vs Double Pane vs Triple Pane Windows Energy Savings

By: | May 28 , 2020

Whichever one is not a pain, is your pane….

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Double pane
Single pane
Triple pane
Choose as you will
You want to be cozy on a cold winter night
The cold outside you want to fight,
Reflect 97% and get in a 3 percent
Heat in the peak of summer,
There you go, choose the triple pain..sorry `pane`…
No pain, no gain
Its more expensive than the…
Double pane,
But then there are 2 layers of argon and krypton in the TP
And so your bills are not exactly going to shoot
The energy saving is not moot,
Its crystal clear…
TP is just the bloody best..
BUT you might just like a bit more of natural light
Then put up a fight with your ,errr…husband maybe
AND go for the double pane.
Less layers for the sun`s light to pass through
OR noise reduction is not one
Of your priorities, you like the hustle bustle or its anyway
Very quiet, then go in for a DP
Its one-third less, the price….

Single pane Windows

So as you must have mostly gathered that there are three kinds of layering in windows. Single paned, double paned and triple paned. We have to resolve here vis a vis which one is better, than the other. A single paned one is closest to a natural feel of the weather or season and if we wish to defy nature, securing our peace and comfort, with the technologies we have evolved and created over time, we could choose the two glass pane or the triple glass pane, for our windows. The sun has no energy bills to pay. Bindaas style, he just spews out heat signals , one after the other. We have bills to pay, so we want to conserve as much energy as we can, with our central heating or Air conditioners depending on the season one is envisioning. So for this reduction in loss of heat from inside which would mean lower electricity bills we could go in for a double or a triple pane.

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Double pane Windows

Double pane is two glass panes with a spacer in the middle filled with air or argon or krypton which acts as an insulating layer and reflects 90% of the sunlight and allows only 10% to walk in so your house is much cooler in summer. In winters it will allow only 10% of the heat from your heating arrangement to pass out, rest retained so giving your home a wide berth in terms of cosiness and comfort. The inert gas filled inside has slow moving molecules hence more insulating properties.

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The spacers between the panes must be at an accurate distance from each other. If this is more or less it will change the air amount flowing through and thus affect the energy efficiency of your Insulated glass unit (IGU).

If you are looking for more natural light with a bit of a compromise on the heating efficiency then go in for only a double pane.

Another contraption you can go for, for further comfort is a Low Emissivity (Low-E) glass coating. This is a metallic coating that can be applied on the glass surface. This keeps out the hotter infrared rays and lets in visible light keeping your house cooler in the summers.Heat mirror film can be used in double pane fibre glass windows for increased insulation.

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Triple Pane Windows

Now let`s take a look at TP or triple pane windows. These obviously have 3 panes of glass bound together with two spacers in between. These can also be filled with the inert gas of your choice. Argon is cheaper. Two layers mean greater insulation. These gases and air are bad conductors of heat so acting like a thermos for your home environment.  The insulation is better. 97% of the sun`s heat is reflected back and about 3% allowed to penetrate, keeping your place cooler in summers and the reverse from your insides in winter with only 3% of the warmth inside escaping out and 97% staying in.Natural light would be reduced which is its nego. It is also more expensive, but in the long run reducing your energy bills more than DP or SP.Noise reduction is tremendous if you have a noisy neighbourhood.

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The frame material needs to be strong for them to last longer. Vinyl and fiberglass are good options. They can withstand heavy loads without the window warping, twisting or bending over time. Low-E film should be put on the non-exposed surfaces of the glass.

The drafts and convection currents will also be reduced to a minimum with your well sealed DPs or TPs making you less restless, calmer and cosier in your home.

So all the facts are there on your table. You can flounce with them and make up your mind. Weigh the pros and cons and make your moves. Head out, DIY, or get in a professional to replace or repair your drafty, else, windows.

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