Know All About Drawer Handles Before You Purchase One!

By: | August 29 , 2022
Types of Drawer Handles

Door hardware acts as an extension to the home personality, and you must choose the right Door Handles and locks to give your home a beautiful look. There are also front entries that can up the value by around 10%. Most of the projects for home improvement come with executing a plan that allows for upgrades and accessories, improving results.

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There are around twelve factors to consider, and this can be a little daunting. Here are the crucial factors to consider –

  • Security and front entrance
  • Style
  • Functional aspect
  • style
  • Setup of the
  • Material and environment
  • Continuity ensuring and finish
  • Maintenance and care
  • Warranty
  • Installation
  • Budget and
  • Accessories

These can add a nice touch to your home, and it’s also essential that you choose the best one for the project. We have also shown the various types available, which will aid you in deciding the best, from handles and knobs to thumb turns and cabinet pulls.

There are styles for cabinet hardware, which have also increased pace with today’s home decor needs. The kitchen and wardrobe draw have to come with a great look to add to the overall aesthetic. There are knobs and are static and movable, and they both add to the overall look of the house with tiny changes.

You can also know all about the various designs and styles of the available hardware to get the perfect finish every time.

Here are the types of drawer handles –

Rope drawer – These are some of the latest in the market, and they add a final touch of beauty to the drawers and homes. They can also be fixed with styles that provide an excellent grip when they’re held. They don’t have to be gently pulled out of the loops and shut after they’re used.

It adds to the overall style aspect and the operability as well. These styles are better suited when it comes to cottages or beach houses by the riverside. They can also be used as theme options for the visitors to also take glances at.

Pull toy – These are some of the more unique and creative types, and they work best for children’s rooms. The drawer handle sizes are made in such a way that they come with an excellent grip.

These are not spiky, so they don’t hurt the kids. The grip they provide is firm, and they also lift right from the bottom and can be engaged to open the draw as well gently.

These styles can be used at home even in kitchens as they add an overall theme of playfulness around the area. They can add a touch of elegance as well.

Drawer knobs – These are the knobs that are traditional handles and have been that way for many years. They are generally molded out of air clay, which can also help create knobs that are of the required shape to get a better grip.

They usually are also made to provide a more casual feel. These Drawer Knobs are also glittered and painted to provide a more inviting look to the home and your cabinet.

Glass drawer knobs – These are some of the best-in-class and provide a more luxurious and stylish look to any home. The premium collection also uses the touch of pearls that can incorporate the glass design as well. The gold brass base can also add a bit of glaze, and it can also be created in all types as per the customer’s choice.

Pull drawer – This is another popular manner of implementing drawer handle sizes that add leather strips that add elegance to the house and cabinet. The premium feel of the stri[s gives a charming presence, and they are bolted at the center and folded too.

Antique brass – This is one of the best finishes for the door handles as it adds a touch of style and class at all times. This has been a finish that has grown in popularity over the years, and it is made by adding antique wash directly onto a base of brass finish.

The hardware then tends to look aged, and it can vary depending on the brand. The look adds a touch of antique, and there is dark residue right in the hardware surface. The touch adds class overall to the application as needed.

Dull nickel – The brushed nickel has a plating abraded in all but just one direction and gives it a brushed appearance. The brushing also provides a more handcrafted look, and the addition of the texture allows for more shadow and light play to make it visually appealing. The drawer handle sizes can be chosen as per your requirement as well.

Polished brass – This type of finish is another popular one, and it adds real class to any door or draws as required. The brass is inviting and stylish and can add to the overall look with relative ease.

Satin – The satin finish has a velvety and smooth appearance without any abrasions visually. They are desirable, and it doesn’t reflect the light, and it’s less of a distraction for anyone opening it. It also doesn’t pick up fingerprints, which can spoil the look.

Where to Buy Drawer Handles?

At McCoyMart, we work with the best brand drawer handles, including Kitch and Aceline, for easier management and working of these cabinets.

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