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Drawer Knobs

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From drawer knobs to handles, hinges to latches picking accessories and hardware for your home and office requires careful consideration. Quality certainly plays an important role in picking stainless steel drawer knobs but one cannot compromise on aesthetics. Upgrading your old knobs to new ones does add an element of style to your home and workplace.

This knobs and other accessories can elevate the room and transform its style.

Switching out the hardware such as knobs on your favorite nightstand, dresser, and cupboards is an easy and affordable way to update your living and workplace decor.

What is a Knob?

A knob is a handle that is attached to the drawer; it enables opening and closing of it. The most fundamental requirement of a knob is the grip. The knob is expected to provide a good grip for easy handling. Knobs are the most simple and essential hardware installed on all drawers.

The knobs can be attached to the front of a drawer with a single screw. This knobs are manufactured using different materials. The most common material used in making round drawer knobs is wood, stainless steel, and plastic. Currently, homeowners prefer rustic look and purchase knobs made of metals like bronze.

Different Types of Drawer Knobs

  1. Drawer pulls and Handle - Drawer pull and knobs are installed mostly in kitchens and are paneled on cupboards, trash compartment, and other kitchen storage solutions. Drawer pull is made to provide additional strength and durability to last long.
  2. Ceramic - One best way to enhance the interiors of a living or workplace is by installing knobs. This beautiful piece of hardware is vibrant in color, design, and texture. This knobs are usually delicate, extra care has to be taken when handling them.
  3. Crystal - The third variety of knobs that are available in the market is crystal knobs. that are classic pieces of hardware widely opted for various purposes. These days’ manufacturers offer crystal drawer knobs in different colors and patterns. This knobs can be used anywhere, as they do not corrode or rust when exposed to moisture.
  4. Wooden - Timber has been a popular material choice for making various kinds of furniture and their respective hardware. Nothing can beat the look and finish a wooden drawer knobs offers. Investing in quality wooden  knobs makes your piece of furniture look rich and stylish. The only drawback of timber is that when exposed moisture for longer duration can result in corroding. Wooden knobs are usually installed for dressers and wardrobes in bedrooms.
  5. Antique - Antique knobs are a wonderful addition to homes and offices. But be very careful while picking them, choosing a wrong kind can damage the design element. This knobs whether it is traditional or contemporary in style redefines the elegance of a home. Antique knobs are easy to handle and provide a pleasing aesthetic to the room.
  6. Glass - This knobs are a very popular choice among homeowners. High end and a vintage look can be given to dressers, cupboards and storage units by installing glass doorknobs. This knobs are available in various styles, patterns, and shapes.

McCoy Mart online stores are a great place to start buy but before you visit the store for purchasing knobs, understand the style and decor of your place. Pick a knob that matches the interiors of a room.

Tips for Cleaning Knobs of all Material

Investing in quality and rich knobs is not sufficient, it is important to maintain them. For drawer knobs made of wood, a mild soap solution or vinegar can be used for cleaning.On the other hand, ceramic and glass knobs may look high maintenance, but all you need is a damp rag for cleaning. The same method can be followed for maintaining antique and crystal knobs.

Finally, for all kinds of metal knobs, wipe it with vinegar or lemon solution to keep the hardware in mint condition.

Bottom Line

There is no doubt that small drawer knobs and dresser knobs are a piece of hardware that can add to the interiors of a home. Purchase knobs of good quality for longer usage and clean them frequently to retain its condition.

How To Select Best Drawer Knobs

  • Figure out if you want Square or Curved
  • Think about your finishes
  • Think about the Comfort
  • Examine the Cost

Brand - Kitch


  • Available in Small & Big Sizes
  • Available in Satin & Glossy Finish
  • High Grade AISI 316 Stainless Steel


  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use

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