7 Types of casement windows For Modern Homes

By: | November 03 , 2022

There are many types of casement windows available in the market that attract many customers. Still, there are also a lot of options that are out there in the market when it comes to selecting the right type of windows for your home. Some factors that need to be considered while choosing the kind of windows are the frequency of maintenance, ease of use, ventilation provided, etc. Casement windows have been the ones which meets all these requirements and thus have started becoming exceedingly popular amongst most of the new buildings that we see around us. Now that you have made your choice to get this type of window for your home, you need to choose one of the various types of casement windows available in the market and thereafter, decide whether you want to go with Aluminium Casement. or upvc casement Windows This article will help you get a glimpse of the different options of casement windows available for you.

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Have a look at the types of casement windows.

  1. Single frame casement windowsSingle Fram Casement WindowsThis might very well be the most popular amongst the other types of casement windows. They consist of a window casement and a window frame. The casement can be hinged either to the left or to the right of the frame. They can be used in homes where smaller openings are required. They can also be tilted or opened inwards into the room.
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    • Since they have a narrow sight shape, homeowners can see more of the outside.
    • They are simple to maintain, which makes them simple to utilize. Additionally, they can be employed in various settings as they can open both inside and outward.
    • They have side openings, which make them an excellent means of ventilation.
  2. Double casement windows
    Double Casement Windows
    You must have come across these types of casement windows pretty often. These types of windows are hinged on either side. They can swing outward and meet in the middle. These have a more elegant appeal than the single frame casement windows and thus would pack a bit more pocket-pinch than the latter.

    • They have incredibly huge panels that make your home appear larger on both sides of the frame and allow for summer ventilation.
    • Given that you can fasten their hinges into reinforced door jambs on all four corners, they offer great protection against burglaries.
    • With improved thermal performance, they exceed other varieties in terms of energy efficiency during winter.
  3. Push-out casement windows
    Push Out Casement-Windows
    The push-out casement windows let you explore a plethora of design options. It is extremely easy to use and does not require a crank to operate. They are also the simplest form of casement windows.

    • Due to their retractability, you can also regulate ventilation.
    • Its sash contains a full glass pane that offers a clear view of everything outside. As a result, you may see the outdoors unhindered when it is closed.
    • It offers amazing protection because if they are closed and not sealed or locked, it is pretty impossible to get them open.
  4. Push Out French Casement Windows

    Push Out French Casement Windows
    Because of its contemporary look, it gives any house or office a clean look. This indicates that it has both the graceful design of a push-out frame and the twin sashes of a French-style window. You can elegantly open them from the center with a single push. Additionally, they lack a center style and provide entirely unhindered views. They open and remain open for whenever long you’d want because they are hinged from the outside.

    • They are completely sealed on all sides to increase performance and energy efficiency, making them very energy efficient.
    • They easily fit into any new or old interior style, including modern, conventional, rustic, etc.
    • To coordinate with your home decor, you can paint them in various hues and finishes.
  5. In-Swing Casement WindowsIn-Swing Casement WindowsThe inward swing operation offers practical ventilation and won’t obstruct externally installed louvers or sun-blocking equipment since they swing to the inside and are side-hinged. With simply a handle turn and a light pull, the swing pane easily opens like a door. It makes it easier to clean internal glass that is on the outside. You can quickly open it with one hand, and the external glass is cleaned from the inside thanks to a single lever handle operator.

    • They are pretty simple to clean and maintain because of their in-swing design.
    • Since no central pillar obstructs the view while they are open, they are highly energy-efficient.
    • These have outstanding thermal performance and fit well with any house or workspace.
  6. Out Swing casement windows Out Swing casement windowsThey have panes that open to the outside of your house. They can obstruct outside foot traffic since they swing outward. However, they don’t act as a barrier to the house’s furniture. The out-swing type provides unrestricted views of the outside and complete ventilation. Its unique friction hinge slide design gives them friction-free and smooth operation. They offer views of the outside world, let natural light into your house or office, and offer weather protection.

    • They are energy-efficient, so there is a good chance you can reduce your gas and electric expenses.
    • Due to the way they open from the frame, they are simpler to maintain clean on the exterior.
    • They give the most optimum potential for maintaining appropriate ventilation throughout your home.
  7. Double french casement windows
    Double french casement windowsThey swing outward to help save space indoors and crank open from the middle like a French door, without a vertical pole in the middle to obstruct the view. They are often used in spaces like bedrooms and kitchens where large panes need to be opened and closed regularly. This design is frequently used in larger homes to enhance architectural interest and let more natural light into the rooms.

    • They give for increased seclusion by providing ventilation and a large opening with less visibility from the outside.
    • These are popular for bathrooms and kitchens since they are an excellent way to let in natural light.
    • Since they open widely apart thanks to twin sashes, they are simpler to clean from the inside.

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Why go for casement windows?

There are a host of reasons to convince you to opt for casement windows the next time you renovate your home. Some of the benefits of casement windows are enumerated below :

  • Unobstructed View – These types of windows provide an excellent viewing space with no obstructions whatsoever. You only have the glass between you and the outside world. Isn’t it great?
  • Catches Angular Breezes – If your home is located at an angle to the direction to which the breeze blows or if there is very little space outside your home, casement windows are the perfect one for you to catch those tricky angular breezes as you can open these windows at an angle as well.
  • Security – The locks in casement windows are pretty hard to be broken. They are hook-shaped and are attached to the frame which makes it very hard to reach.
  • Lights Up Your Home – Casement windows, due to their unobstructed glass panels, also allow a lot of light to enter your rooms. Thus, conserving a lot of energy as well.
  • Ease of Use and Maintenance – These types of windows are the easiest to use, and clean, and require very less maintenance over time.
  • Appearance – They can also be custom designed to your choice of finish, color, and design. This allows your windows to match the shades of your rooms and your curtains as well.

This article should be enough to get you one step ahead in helping you purchase the right type of casement windows for your home. As mentioned earlier, you will also get uPVC casement and Aluminium Casement Windows. It is always beneficial to do a bit of research on your part on the pros and cons of each before making a choice. It is also advisable to go through the customer reviews of the upvc windows manufacturer who will be providing you with these products.

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